April 16, 2024
Henna tattoo

Looking for originality? Henna tattoo allow you to wear the design of your choice for a short period of time. They are always a success at all kinds of events (bachelor, engagement party, festival, theme party, etc.).

What is Henna Tattoo?

Henna Tattoo , also known as Mehndi , is an elegant and natural method of body decoration practiced in various cultures and traditions around the world. Henna comes from the dye plant called lawsonia inermis. When applied to the skin, henna causes temporary discoloration of the skin.

At our center, we use extract of Genipa americana – also known as jagua – to make our temporary tattoos. Jagua comes from South America and was only very recently introduced to henna tattoo artists in Europe. The designs made with jagua are blue, black in color and look like real tattoos while henna tattoos are reddish brown in color. Jagua is a completely natural product.

Which designs can you choose?

Our beautician can create the following designs to your liking: flower and leaf patterns, jewel-inspired designs, butterflies, paisley patterns, mandalas, grids and lines, interlocking geometric shapes.

We have a book of sample designs and templates available for reference in-store during business hours

Of course you can also come up with your own designs.

 Procedure after applying jagua gel.

After the jagua design has been applied to the skin, it is important to follow the following procedure to achieve the desired effect:- after the jagua design has been applied, wait 30 minutes for the product to dry. In the meantime, be careful not to smear anything on your skin where the jagua is placed: jagua gel immediately colors the skin when touched.

  • Leave the gel on your skin for 3-6 hours. Avoid any activity that makes you sweat. Do not go to sleep with the gel  on your skin to make sure you don’t damage the design.
  • When you will remove the jagua gel it will be hard and flaky. You can carefully remove the large pieces with your fingers and then use warm water to remove any residue (careful: rinse and do not immerse). It is very important not to scrub or scratch the area where the tattoo is. This will make it fade faster, so use only your fingers and warm water to remove the gel rather than a loofah, washcloth, or brush.
  • Wait 24-48 hours for the design to be fully develop. Even if you waited the whole 6 hours with the jagua gel on it, the design will be fuzzy at first: this is normal. Do not scrub or pull your skin during this time.
  • After you remove the gel, hydrating your skin well by drinking plenty of water and applying a good lotion will extend the life of your Jagua tattoo. We recommend using a lotion that contains shea butter or cocoa butter.

How do you take care of your temporary tattoo?

  • Before taking a shower, we recommend that you apply a little olive or coconut oil to your design to avoid heavy exposure to water.
  • Avoid soaking your fresh jagua tattoo in a tub, swimming pool, etc.: Exposure to soaking the skin in water can cause the jagua to go away. Normal showering is fine.
  • Avoid scrubbing the tattoo area with a loofah, brush, or anything that exfoliates your skin. Indeed, your jagua design fades just as quickly as your skin exfoliates.

Duration of effect:

If the jagua gel is left on the skin long enough, the tattoo will remain visible for one to two weeks.

Conditions to get a jagua tattoo:

  • The skin surface to be treat must not show any recently healed wounds or scratches.
  • Do not use lotion or sunscreen within 24 hours before applying jagua.
  • We recommend that you do not get a Jagua tattoo if you are allergic to strawberries, pineapple, or other tropical fruits. We can always recommend a “Patch test” if you wish.