April 11, 2024
tour guide system

1.     Why Choose a Wireless Tour Guide System?

At present, with the improvement of people’s living standards, tourism has become an important part of modern life. But we often get frustrat that we are too far from the guide to listen clearly. When guides communicate with their team, they can often only be reach by raising their voices. This will reduce the customer’s travel experience to some extent. At the same time, for the guide, he has to turn up the volume to make peoples hear, which is bad for the voice after a long time. The tour guide system can quickly solve this problem.

2.     Where can you use the wireless guide system?

The guided tour system can be widely used in museum tours, group tours, factory tours, employee training and conferences.

3.     What are the advantages of the wireless tour guide system?

The wireless tour guide system is small and easy to carry. At the same time, interference from other teams around you can be rule out. As long as the tour guide has successfully paired the transmitter and receiver, they can use the one-to-many lavalier microphone that comes with the transmitter to explain, without the need for additional sound reinforcement equipment, and the listener uses the headphones connected to the receiver to listen to the complete introduction of the guide clearly and completely. If you are the manager of a travel agency, the factory manager or the head of the government or enterprise hospitality department, you can buy a wireless tour guide systems, this product allows you to better serve your customers