September 25, 2023
best hotel deals

The best hotel deals on your next trip is to know what to say, to whom, and when. Here are four secrets to getting big hotel discounts when you travel.

Nothing makes a vacation more enjoyable than having even more money to spend than expected. Yet between transportation and accommodation costs, a budget can quickly melt away. Here are four secrets to getting hotel discounts when you travel, without sacrificing quality or service.

1. Check your existing memberships

Are you a former or current member of the Armed Forces? A student? A government employee? A car club member? Do you have a credit card with points and exclusive travel benefits?

  • Being a member of an organization or group can often get you great discounts. Take a moment to review the terms of your membership requirements. You might be surprised at the deals included.
  • What’s more, whether it’s explicitly stated in the terms of membership or not, contact the potential hotel and ask if they offer any discounts or perks with your membership.

2. Learn relevant jargon

When calling a hotel, ask the representative first about corporate rates.

  • They generally consist of a reduced rate offered to companies, aimed at inducing a certain loyalty.

Another term to use is “lowest non-refundable rate”. The only downside to using this term is that once you book the hotel, you cannot cancel your room at the last minute without penalty.

If you’re traveling during peak season, start researching your fares well in advance.

  • When you call the hotel of your choice, ask them for the “lowest refundable rate”. This will allow you to continue to search for last minute hotel rates, while still having a reservation.
  • If you find a better rate, you can cancel without penalty and move your accommodation to the better best hotel deals.

3. Scour the Internet

Reputable travel sites can help you get good deals.

  • A quick internet search will bring you to many of these online travel sites with pages full of exclusive deals, coupon codes, tips and great deals you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
  • Check rates for the three days before and after your preferred dates to find the best possible price.

4. Read the fine print

If an offer is too good to be true, check the fine print.

  • Often a discount comes with a lock-in date after which you can’t cancel. Sometimes the offer will not include certain standard services that you would otherwise receive in a hotel. Know what you are buying and what to expect.
  • You should read the terms of service of the hotel where you are staying. If there is an error in their terms of service, it is acceptable to politely speak to a supervisor to ask for a discount. Most hotels will be happy to accommodate you, so that you leave with a better impression.

It can take a lot of prep work, but if you look in the right places and ask the right questions, then you’ll get discounted rates on hotels when you travel.