March 5, 2024
ear piercings

For both men and women, the ear piercings remains very trendy. Previously, cute ear piercings was in the image of a punk or a nonconformist. Today, wearing an ear piercing is more fashionable than ever. His refined style, without denying his rebellious side, won over a very large female and male audience, but also young people. Do you want to pierce your ears? To make the right choice, here are the different types of piercings you can do on your ears.

The helix piercing

The helix ear piercings involves piercing the cartilage at the top of the ear. For an optimal result, you can opt for a ring. This comes in different styles. Another alternative: the bar piercing with screw able accessory. Something to add character to your style. you’ll find the perfect piercing jewelry to dress up your helix piercing. Body piercing jewelry can be gold or titanium, but other materials can be used to vary the looks.

The tragus piercing

Next to the temples is a small part quite dense in cartilage: this is the tragus. It is more clearly the small cartilage which covers the hole of the ear, on the face side. Admittedly, the tragus piercing can be a little painful. In addition, it takes 9 months to heal. But one thing is certain: you will get an excellent result. In addition, the choice of ear jewelry on the tragus is vast. The simplest is the ball. For more original designs, semi-precious stones and natural stones are ideal. Otherwise, a titanium claw head or a marquise jewel is jewels of character. For example, a titanium cabochon and a hammered disc will perfectly sublimate your tragus piercing.

The conch piercing

If the helix and tragus piercings are particularly appreciated, the conch piercing is more suitable for a more informed public. For good reason, the conch is located on the lower part of the ear. It is therefore a cartilage piercing. Although it is ultra trendy, it involves a long healing process. This type of piercing can accommodate different types of jewelry. For example, a pretty gold or silver ring will dress your ear to perfection. Otherwise, you can opt for a bar or labret jewel with a screw-on accessory. If you place great importance on aesthetic rendering, prefer a premium material, such as a gold trio.

The death piercing

This is a piercing on the inner cartilage of the ear. Its strategic location in the center of your ear will sublimate your ear alone. A ring of 8 to 10 mm will elegantly dress your ear. Otherwise, a small shiny stone, a little more discreet, will certainly assert your style.

The rook piercing

Few people dare the rook piercing. The rook being the raised part in the center of the ear, it takes more than 6 months to heal. An open titanium cabochon, a basic titanium ball or a small bar closed by two balls at its ends will add aesthetics to your rook piercing.