September 25, 2023

1.     1 minute to adjust

Place the false eyelashes against the upper lash line. If you notice that they are a little too long, shorten them a few millimeters using a small pair of scissors. Always cut the outer end, not the inner corner.

2.     2 minutes to prepare

Gently bend the false eyelash fringe in different directions to soften it slightly . So it will best fit the shape of your eyes . Then apply a latex-based glue , preferably black, along its entire length.

3.     2 minutes to position

Wait a few seconds for the glue to set slightly, then place the false eyelashes as close as possible to the natural root of your eyelashes . You can use your fingers or tweezers for more precision. Lightly press the fringe, emphasizing the inner and outer corners.

4.     1 minute to make up

Apply a coat of black mascara . This will allow the natural lashes to blend with the false lashes to create a more seamless look .

·        The trick

For a very natural volume effect, opt for individual false eyelashes . These small bouquets of three or four hairs are deposited one by one along the fringe. They offer a more subtle result than a full fringe and can bring volume to sparse eyelashes.