September 28, 2023
types of noses

Just like other parts of your body say a lot about your character, your nose and its shape are indicative of your personality! Indeed, it is one of the most important parts of your face, it gives your face that little thing that gives you that expression of your own…like your eyes or your mouth! There are different types of noses, many people don’t like their noses!

Indeed, this part of our body is so visible that we often pay attention to it and we want it to be as perfect as possible! But know that your nose is your charm…. Let’s discover together the different types of noses that exist!

Different types of noses

flat nose: the upper line is straight and drooping and the nostrils are well dilated on each side

It is the nose of ambitious, frank and upright people. These people know what they want and will do anything to achieve their goals. They are very dynamic and can sometimes seem cold at first sight.

The Greek nose: it is a straight and fine nose with small nostrils:

People with this type of nose are gentle and discreet. They like to meet up with family or friends, to be surrounded. They are caring people, very helpful and always smiling. They are also sensitive people.

Hooked nose: broken at the top, the bottom of the nose falls downwards and the nostrils are prominent.

They are smart and mischievous people. They love challenges and enjoy life. These people like to party but also like to discover a lot of things.

The drooping nose: straight and dipped downwards

The drooping nose is that of often introverted people who have difficulty opening up. However, once they are trusted, they turn out to be real trusted friends. Their exaggerated shyness is sometimes difficult to understand.

upturned nose: also said in trumpet

It is the nose of the happy and the dreamers. Trumpet noses are idealists, big kids at heart. Always ready to help, they are incredibly generous people but they don’t really have their heads on their shoulders. However, their lightness is refreshing!