March 3, 2024

There are different ways to travel, volunteering while on vacation is a great way to get to know the people of a country and have a truly different experience. Here are a few.

Travel differently

  • Assist scientists in their work with the Earth watch Institute. This international non-profit organization sends individuals into the field to help scientists work on rain forest preservation and similar projects. You can choose between more than 130 shipments to 47 different countries.
  • During your leave, you can go on a mission with funding from your employer or individually thanks to Planter Urgency,an organization. that offers missions to participate in the training of adults in your field of expertise ( communication, accounting, IT, health, etc.), education of children or protection of the environment.
  • International cooperation NGOs are flourishing around the world. In Quebec, for example, young people can go to Africa or Central America with Mr ET Monte
  • Young retirees have an Academy of Retirees website which tells them the names of all the NGOs in Canada offering people their age cooperative trips, the countries where these activities take place, the costs.
  • Become an volunteer and take part in observation and conservation projects for dolphins and whales in the Mediterranean, bears in Russia, birds in Benin. Cybele Planter represents the programs of the international network Eco volunteer Network, which brings together Eco-volunteering opportunities in local organizations for the preservation of biodiversity (associations, NGOs, etc.) around the world. No special skills are required to participate.

Memories to Avoid

To avoid exploiting the locals or their surroundings, do some research before you go. To make sure you’re not unknowingly encouraging the trade in endangered animals, here’s what not to buy:

  • Ivory
  • Turtle shell
  • Reptile skins
  • Furs and skins
  • Corals and shells

Volunteering is a useful way to help others and learn about situations that are often foreign to us.