March 3, 2024
washi tape

For the uninitiated, washi tape is a thin paper adhesive tape, originating from Japan. Available at your local craft store or online stores, washi tape comes in every color and pattern you can imagine. And now it’s not just for craftsmen anymore. Use it to transform a flat rental or a tasteless student residence or to revive any wall in the house.

We picked these seven decorating projects with washi tape because they’re quick, easy, and inexpensive. And if you ever miss your shot, all you have to do is lift the tape and reposition it. So, what will be your first washi tapes project?

An original wall

washi tape, scissors, and a utility knife are all you need to create an eye-catching feature wall . Try a subtle black and white cross pattern , a confetti wall , some hot pink geometric lines , or create your own colorful washi tapes removable wallpaper . Pro Tip: Use a credit card to remove any bubbles under the washi tape once it’s applied to the wall.

A door

Dress up a monotonous closet door with a few strips of colored washi tape, of varying widths. Layer the strips diagonally, in a cross shape, for maximum effect, then add a few faux door panels , or go for a simple, modern design with clean black lines .

A headboard

Are you inspired by geometric shapes, pops of color or a panoramic view? This washi tape headboard art gallery will make you want to change your headboard every time you change your sheets.

A wall gallery

Display your favorite photos and artwork without spending a penny framing them. Use color-coordinated washi tapes to make custom frames for your favorite items and arrange them in an expandable wall gallery .

A jewelry holder

Design your own washi tape jewelry holder . Start by creating a tree shape with washi tape, then add small colored nails or thumbtacks to hang your favorite necklaces and bracelets on.

A wall calendar

There really is no excuse for being disorganized when your schedule is displayed loud and clear on a huge wall calendar . Use washi tapes to form a simple grid and post-it notes in different colors to keep track of all your appointments and to-do’s.

A play area

Kids will have a blast with this handmade race car track that’s way cooler than any playmat you can buy. Extend the fun to the wall by adding buildings, scenery and a parking garage. It’s also easy to create a simple playhouse or hopscotch to add whimsy to kids’ rooms of all ages.