May 22, 2024
waterless car wash

Washing your car takes a lot of water. What if we want to use as little as possible? Here is the waterless car wash, the answer to regular car cleaning and the waste it generates.

What is waterless car wash?

It is essentially a chemical cleaning, but there are several eco-friendly options based on plants and biodegradable ingredients.

  • In fact, this type of cleaning is not 100% waterless.
  • You certainly won’t need a garden hose, but you will still need a small water boiler.

Reduce your water consumption

Canada is blessed with one of the best access to drinking water on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually taken care of. However, we would greatly benefit from being more vigilant, especially when it comes to watering the lawn or the car.

  • Why not aim for a balance between life’s little pleasures (like keeping your car impeccably clean!) and your water consumption habits?

Choose safe products

Not all cleaning products are created equal. Some of those that don’t require a lot of water will tend to be harmful and release dangerous chemicals into the environment.

  • If you wash your car regularly, you risk exposing yourself and your family to these dangerous agents.
  • Avoid using environmentally friendly products that were not designed for your car. These could prove to be too ineffective or abrasive, which could leave marks on your paintwork.

Plant-based cleansers

Go green by avoiding petroleum- and silicone-based chemicals.

  • Opt for products that are label biodegradable.
  • Also pay attention to packaging, such as choosing recycle plastic bottles or bottles that can be ship without problems (like square bottles), and more.

Available products

  • Waterless car wash.
  • A heavy duty stain cleaner.
  • An all-purpose cleaner for the interior.
  • Tire shine.
  • Shine without rinsing.
  • Natural wax polish.
  • Odor eliminator.

Watch out for brushes and rags

Also pay attention to the brushes and rags you use.

  • Store them properly and don’t forget to clean them so they last longer.
  • They can certainly be reused several times, but make sure you always use them for the same task in case residues from your last use still adhere to them. Your results will only be better.

All in all, going green cannot be too complex a challenge, especially with the avalanche of eco-friendly products on the market. For more information on waterless car washing, contact the stores in your area that carry these products. They will be able to point you in the right direction.