September 25, 2023
21st birthday ideas

When you are a child, turning 21st does not mean much to us, except perhaps the film 21st years or nothing . And then, little by little, we grow up and each stage of life becomes associated with concrete realities. As you approach 21st, you begin to feel the social pressure of having accomplished a certain number of things in your life. So, yes, it’s good to set goals, but you also have to know how to be indulgent with yourself . And then at 21st you are still very young after all; Here’s a reason to party like it should beĀ  ! Are you or a member of your entourage getting ready to blow out their 21st birthday ideas? We give you 8 ideas for celebrate its 21st birthday ideas in style !

 Make a list of what you want to accomplish

Forget the dictates of society! Ask yourself the question: “What do I really want to accomplish before I turn 21st?” “. Write a kind of bucket list a few months before your birthday, but with your 21st birthday as the deadline. Feel free to write absolutely anything that comes to mind . Go around the world, ride in a hot air balloon, launch your YouTube channel or take a midnight swim ! On your 21st birthday, you can then proudly celebrate all these small and big successes that are important to you  !

 Find a cool or unusual place

Do you want to mark the occasion and celebrate your thirties with great fanfare? Find a cool or unusual place to celebrate with all your loved ones  ! Celebrating your 21stth birthday in a medieval tower, an escape bar or even a trampoline park? Yes it’s possible ! Choosing a place that is out of the ordinary will allow you not only to entertain all your guests but also to make your event particularly memorable  !

Go celebrate it abroad!

Have you been wanting to organize a trip abroad with your loved ones for a while? Your 21st birthday is an excellent excuse to gather your merry band and fly abroad! Want to add an element of the unknown to your trip? Opt for a surprise destination with FlyKube and experience a unique and unexpected birthday!

 Organize an evening dedicated to childhood memories

Are you nostalgic at heart? For your 21st birthday, don’t deprive yourself and organize a flashback party to relive one of your favorite eras  ! For example, a 90s evening where you will listen to all the hits of the time  : Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, S Club 7, Manau or Lorie. To further immerse yourself in the atmosphere, collect cult items from the decade like the Game Boy Color, 3310 and Tamagotchi. Finally, create a garland of memories where you can hang photos and other treasures from your childhood!

Organize a pool party!

Have you always dreamed of organizing a big American-style pool party  ? Your 21st birthday ideas is the perfect time to finally take the plunge! Rent a house with a swimming pool (unless you have one at home!), invite all your friends , plan a big sound system , food and refreshments and let’s go for a crazy evening! Attention, not too much all the same, the idea not being to recreate the film Project X  !

Get your picture taken with your friends

At 21st, we are at our prime .We have come out of the thankless age for good and we are still very young. It would be too stupid to let this beautiful year slip away without having immortalized it . So how about doing something you never normally do? Plan a photo session of you and your friends and get some very nice portraits to display at home and send to your friends by personalized card or in a Gazette !

 Collect your 21st years of memories

21st years ! It makes memories! This is an opportunity to do a nice retrospective on your life so far. Gather photos of your loved ones, pets, trips, graduations, birthdays, discoveries, parties, moves… in short, all the events that have marked you in 21st years on earth! With these little nuggets, create a superb personalized photo album to discover with your loved ones for an emotional moment.

 Drive with your friends without a destination in mind

We spend so much time planning our trips and getting organized! What if, for your 21st birthday ideas, you go on a road trip with your best friends without a destination in mind? Let yourself be carried away and see where the wind takes you. Perhaps you will arrive in Rome, Biarritz or even Berlin? One thing is certain, this trip will be a wonderful and unique way to celebrate your 21st birthday!