March 3, 2024
indoor tennis court

Got Courts distinguishes between two types of tennis facilities: public and private. Public tennis facilities include all tennis courts that are available to the public or for which a court rental fee is payable. These include indoor tennis court, tennis centers, municipal facilities, parks, air halls and hotel facilities. Private tennis facilities include membership tennis clubs and associations where players must be members in order to play on the courts.

Whether it’s a public or private tennis facility, Got Courts offers many benefits for both types of facilities.

Benefits for public tennis facilities:

  1. More tennis players and therefore higher income and better use of the courts.
  2. New customers
  3. Less effort for customer service on the phone

Benefits for private indoor tennis court facilities:

  1. The life of clubs/associations is encourage
  2. New members are better integrate
  3. New members are recruit

For all tennis facilities:

  1. Less administrative work
  2. Greater publicity (for example, through Got Courts).
  3. Detailed data and statistics on your own installation