November 29, 2023
composting toilet

Having dry toilets at home is an Eco-responsible approach, but sometimes the question of waste disposal arises. Why not go to the end of the subject by composting them?

Specificity of the Composting toilet of dry toilet waste

The decomposition of feces must take place without oxygen to be effective. The compost heap should therefore be covered.

Just as in traditional Composting toilet, the balance between dry matter and wet matter is essential, it will therefore be necessary to take care of it.

The compost obtained by this technique should only be used after 1 or 2 years of maturation in order to guarantee the absence of pathogenic elements.

In general, do not use this compost in the vegetable garden, prefer to spread it in flower beds or at the foot of trees and shrubs.

If you want to use your compost on vegetables that grow quickly or grow close to the ground, it is best to consider using conventional compost and therefore prepare two piles: one with dry toilet waste and another with being exempt.

How to compost dry toilet waste?

Wear gloves and carry your bucket to the composting area

This must not be separated from the ground so that the exchanges are done correctly.

As we have seen, the success of this type of composting depends on the balance between the materials . Place a good layer of dry carbonaceous materials on the ground such as crushed leaves or branches, or even straw.

Pour the contents of the bucket over this layer and spread it with a shovel.

Place another layer of carbon materials on top.

Rinse your bucket and shovel with the stream of water just above the compost pile to moisten it.

Cover with a tarp and allow to warm up to eliminate pathogens and ensure good decomposition.

You can easily add your kitchen and garden scraps to this heap like a traditional compost.

Turn your compost every month and wait a year before using it in the garden. If you really want to use it in the vegetable garden, spread it a few months before any cultivation.

Other Ways to Composting toilet Waste

It is possible to place dry toilet waste directly in nature, at the foot of trees, shrubs and bushes. Cover with mulch .

Empty your buckets preferably away from home and do it outside of hot weather to avoid unpleasant odors.