May 22, 2024
accent wall ideas

Accent wall ideas are a conversation piece in any living space and give the room a whole new dimension . Here are seven simple tips for painting an accent wall ideas in a jiffy.

1. A bold color, but not too much

Heavily decorated walls are not for the faint of heart. Are you worried about too intense a color?

  • Try going for a similar (but more subdued) shade with a hint of gray, or go for a shade that’s a bit darker in your color palette.

2. Imagine and see

Afraid to get started? No problem!

  • If you’re unsure of your first wall, start with a ‘shade test’ which will allow you to narrow down your choice to three or four shades, then do a medium-sized test to check the results.
  • After spending a few days on the colors, you will eventually find the one that best suits the space you want to decorate.

3. Location, location, location

Not sure you know the right wall to highlight? Think of the wall you want to highlight as if it were a big picture to hang.

  • What is the central wall of your space that would best showcase your artistic talents?
  • Do you want to hang your masterpiece above the hearth of the fireplace? On a large white wall above the sofa?
  • Either way, this could be the perfect spot for the wall you’re looking to accent.

4. Small details matter

Contrary to the previous tip, you can also focus on a wall that would otherwise be ignored.

  • A small wall absorbed by a door? Increase its contrast rather than making it invisible.
  • More subtle, it will be able to create a “warm” space in an otherwise underestimated space.

5. It’s all about the details

Choose a color for your wall with the details in mind.

  • If a room is predominantly dominated by blue tones, a blue painted accent wall may blend into the room too much, detracting from the sense of space you intended it to have.
  • Instead, pay close attention to the colors and hues of highlighted objects. Notice a pewter-gray undertone in the blue? This is your accent color.

6. Do it yourself

To add a graphic element to your space while having the impression of expanding it, here is a tip:

  • Rather than painting the entire wall, define a large, proportionate rectangle with masking tape.
  • The extra white space will add a “new dimension”, also giving the illusion of depth.

7. Move away from the wall

An original way to create a personal space? Consider painting a ceiling like no other.

  • A deep, dramatic color that would normally darken a room may be the hue you’re looking for for your ceiling, especially in homes with intricate crown molding.