March 5, 2024
christmas gifts

Shopping local isn’t just the best way to find creative and unique Christmas gifts for friends and family this holiday season. You will also support Canada’s small business community. Here are some unique Christmas gifts ideas from independent retailers and local artisans that are sure to delight everyone on your list.

Monthly floral subscription

With most of us spending more time indoors these days, beautiful bouquets of flowers are a great way to brighten up the house. Many independent florists offer subscription services for those who want to send handmade seasonal arrangements on a monthly – or even weekly – basis. Buy local and support your neighborhood florist by making a Christmas gifts that will continue to be given throughout the year.

Custom Artwork

For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, why not has a talented illustrator or painter created a personalized piece of art that will leave a lasting impression? Whether it’s an illustrated family portrait, a map of their favorite neighborhood haunts, or even an original painting of their beloved pet, custom pieces by local artists are a truly unique Christmas gifts idea for each of the people on your list.

Craft drinks

Canada has an incredible array of small regional wineries, craft breweries, cider houses and craft distilleries. Instead of heading to a big-box retailer to buy festive liquor for your holiday gifts, shop local for Christmas gifts 2020 and purchase a bottle of premium craft whiskey, a case of biodynamic natural wine, or a pack of six craft beers from an independent producer in your city.

Home preserves

Artisan jams, jellies, chutneys and pickled vegetables are a great way to add flavor to a cheese platter – and they’ll make a great gift for your host or a delicacy for your favorite foodie. You can get jars of spreads, sauces and homemade preserves at your local farmers market or independent retailers in your neighborhood.

Face masks made in Canada

Face masks have become part of everyday life, making them a great Christmas gift idea for a Secret Santa gift exchange or a pragmatic present to put in the Christmas stocking for kids and adults. Shop in person or online for handmade face coverings in a variety of prints, colors and styles that are both fashionable and functional. If you’re looking for more glitz and glamour, mask lanyards are the go-to accessory for Christmas 2020.

Home fragrances in small series

Candle making isn’t just a hobby for self-employed people, it’s a booming industry in Canada with dozens of independent suppliers across the country – including Lohn in Toronto, Woodlot based in Vancouver, and Milk Jar Candle Co in Calgary. Small-batch candles are a great gift idea for Christmas 2020, as they instantly transform an indoor space into a cozy and welcoming oasis. Infused with natural oils and fragrances, the scented candles come in a variety of luxurious aromas that range from bright citrus scents and floral sweetness to wild and woody notes.

Cultural experiences

Museums, galleries, zoos and performing arts centers across Canada have been devastated by the impacts of COVID-19. If you’re looking for a great Christmas gifts idea that supports the community, consider giving back to a local cultural institution by purchasing an annual subscription or subscription package. Investing in an experimental gift with an educational and entertaining destination will provide a fun outing for kids and families, and an opportunity to make memories for years to come.