September 28, 2023

A trip can easily be ruined by hypoallergenic allergies. Here are six tried-and-true tips to keep your allergies hassle-free while staying at a hotel.

1. Ask for a hypoallergenic room

While hotels clean their rooms when their guests leave, many others have decided to take extra steps to have air purification systems installed in their rooms to reduce contaminants and irritants in the air. air.

  • In turn, this measure helps reduce the possibility of an Hypoallergenic allergic reaction to particles floating in the air.

2. Check that the sheets are high quality cotton

The better the quality of cotton, the more repellent it is to dust mites to prevent them from entering the fibers.

  • Because the weave of high-quality cotton is tighter, you don’t have to worry about allergens building up in the sheets.
  • As a result, the air you breathe is cleaner and less likely to trigger Hypoallergenic allergies.

3. Look for wooden floors rather than carpets

Most hotels offer rooms with carpets which tend to trap dust mites, dirt, smoke and other contaminants more than hard floors.

  • Dust mites cannot survive on tiles, laminates or parquet, a godsend for anyone concerned about hotels and Hypoallergenic allergies.
  • Parquet is not only easier to clean for a hotel but also helps you breathe easier.

4. Ask for a room dehumidifier

Depending on where you plan to go, certain areas are prone to higher humidity levels. If you are planning a trip during the hot summer months, make sure the room has a dehumidifier, especially if there is no air conditioning.

  • A dehumidifier helps pull moisture out of the air and leave you in a room where everything is dry to the touch and not damp.
  • Dust mites fail to survive in low humidity.
  • Also, mold in the air will be less likely to grow.

5. Avoid designated smoking areas

Countless people are sensitive to cigarette and cigar smoke. If you’re already battling allergies, smoking will only make it worse.

  • Despite widespread smoking bans, many hotels offer smoking rooms and indoor areas where smoking is permitted.
  • Find out in advance where these spaces are located to ensure that your room will not be nearby.
  • Allergies in hotels are usually triggered by cigarette smoke.

6. Make sure pets aren’t allowed

Like cigarette smoke, animals can cause an allergic reaction in many individuals.

  • Pet dander, urine, and saliva can end up causing sneezing or wheezing, as can a runny nose or watery eyes.
  • Sometimes it takes months to get rid of their dandruff, hair and the like.
  • Be sure to ask if the hotel allows pets before booking if you are concerned about allergies. If this is the case, you will have the possibility of looking for another type of accommodation.

While there are many things to consider, simple questions and requests will ensure a pleasant hotel stay free of sneezes and Hypoallergenic