November 29, 2023
kitchen storage

Equip your cupboards with utensils designed to optimize the storage of your kitchen. These clever tricks and configurations rethink cabinetry to create functional kitchens, for better organization.

Integrate an ironing station into the kitchen storage spaces!

In a kitchen that takes advantage of every inch, an ironing station is another smart addition.

A compact folding ironing board fits perfectly in a shallow cupboard. Two additional shelves organize ironing supplies.

Of course, if an ironing station can be used to optimize kitchen storage, the downside is that you will have to wait for the right time to iron, especially when the cooking smells have dissipated.

The bar

Optimizing kitchen storage may require swapping out standard cutlery drawers and upper cabinets for a more vertical, bar-style organization. 

Think about what you need to store and how you use your kitchen. You can build yourself a beverage station with a convenient and attractive storage setup.

The upper cabinets can then be divided into two parts: one to store the less frequently used products, and another, the open shelves, where the glasses are arranged for easy daily access. This type of kitchen storage can then be used to put square racks that will store wine bottles.

Stealth Storage

Use the toe kick under your cabinets to store laundry or shallow baking dishes. To maintain a clean look, use drawer fronts that resemble the rest of the toe kicks around your kitchen. When closed, the front of this drawer fits perfectly and the non-intrusive handle is flush with the bottom of the cabinet above.

Think about the opening system

This series of cabinets is located between a walkway, where open cabinet doors can be a hazard. The doors fold into the cabinet so they don’t get in the way of the walkway, allowing the cabinet to stay open while using the microwave or toaster. When planning new cabinets, consider how drawers and cabinets will open to avoid the risk of burn-in.

Storage bench

Window seats not only provide a place to perch, but they are also an opportunity to set up storage. Deep drawers under this seat store snacks and linens.

Clever storage

Store bulky appliances under the worktop, while making them accessible thanks to a retractable shelf. A spring-loaded shelf effortlessly brings this stand mixer to countertop height, eliminating the need for heavy lifting. In addition, the mixer can be used directly on its shelf, thanks to an outlet inside the cabinet.

The display

It makes sense to store less frequently used items, such as serving platters, in upper cabinets out of the way. But if your pieces are worthy of display, opt for glass top cabinets. Here, the glass fronts contrast with the surrounding white cabinets and the cool finish of the large stainless steel refrigerator to give the series of cabinets an airy look.

All-in-one cutting station

Make slicing and dicing easy with an all-in-one dicing station. Knives are stored in a block inside the drawer and a built-in chopping board pulls out for convenience.

Editor’s Tip:  If you are considering retrofitting existing cabinets consider visiting cabinet showrooms or a home improvement center to explore the options available. Be sure to take your measurements with you.

Swivel shelves

Never lose a bowl, pot or pan in the recesses of a deep cupboard again. Swivel units put items in full view and shelves organize kitchen utensils so everything is neatly stacked.

Slotted storage

Fit slots for storing slim kitchen items. The dividers in this cabinet “categorize” cookie sheets, muffin tins, serving trays and more to keep everything organized.

Divide and conquer

Move your pots and pans from a messy cabinet to a deep, divided drawer. The dividers provide space for each pan and its lid. If you’re ordering custom cabinets, consider the height of your tallest pan as well as its lid and make sure the drawer is deep enough to accommodate it.

Spice storage

Angled drawer inserts help keep spices organized and labels visible. Streamline storage further by emptying spices into uniformly sized containers.

Sliding pantry

Keep ingredients and food staples close at hand with convenient pull-out units. A slim but deep space behind these wall ovens could have been a waste of space, but the slides make the most of the space and highlight the cabinet’s potential.

Peg for storage

Crockery is very accessible when stored in drawers, but must be secured to prevent it from shifting when the drawer is opened or closed. Enter the utility pegboard. Tall pegs, inserted into the pegboard that lines the bottom of the drawer, hold dishes in place to minimize the risk of chipping and breakage. Plus, the pegs can be reconfigured if you want to change layouts or get new, different-sized dishes.

Window treatment

Adapt the functionality of a double sash window for cabinet storage. In this kitchen, the appliance garage bypass doors work like sash windows: the bottom door slides up and the top door slides down.


Add variety to an ongoing series of cabinets with storage units that change the mood of your kitchen. Here, that break comes in the form of pull-out baskets, which store onions and potatoes without the need for refrigeration. The upper basket holds cookbooks.

Products food in jars in a gift basket. Donation concept. Zero waste


This hardworking feature organizes corner cabinets to turn the space into a storage powerhouse.

Store smart

Think about where you will use the items in your kitchen and store them accordingly. Slide-out drawers next to the stove provide storage for pots and pans, making it easy to transition from storage to the cooktop.

Reclaim space

The position of the wall ovens in this kitchen leaves only a tiny gap between the appliances and the floor. A slim drawer makes the most of space and houses shallow baking dishes.

Concealed trash can

Give your trash and recyclables a designated, but hidden, location. This door looks like all the other cabinet doors in the kitchen, but instead of opening on a hinge, it swings out to reveal a trash can and recycling bin. Although under the sink is a common location for the trash can, it can also be inconvenient at times. If someone is at the sink, the trash can is inaccessible. By moving it elsewhere, your kitchen becomes more functional.