April 10, 2024
navel piercings

There are different types of navel piercings, which can make it difficult to choose. The navel piercing must be chosen taking into account its shape and your morphology. Many models of piercings are offered, including jewelry in surgical steel, gold or titanium. The most common piercing is the belly banana, which is a curved barbell with two ends. It is formed by an upper part which is a screw able ball and the lower part which displays the pattern.

Most of the time, the piercing features a natural stone, but this is not always the case. Generally, the banana is embellished with a fine stone such as zircon. Pendants are also very trendy, but they can only be placed on a well-healed piercing. There are also reverse type navel piercings . This type of piercing is formed by a screw able ball located inside the navel. The jewel will then cover the pierced part, which will give your navel jewel a great elegance.

Piercings having evolved a lot over the years, you will be able to choose between different styles and patterns of piercings. You can also opt for an original navel piercing such as pendant or inverted piercings which have feminine and trendy shapes such as feathers, stars, flowers… Currently, the most trendy belly jewelry is adorned with semi-precious stones and crystals.


Even if it has become widely democratized, the navel piercing is not for everyone. The pierce can indeed have trouble placing the piercing if the person has a belly that is too muscular or if there is too much fat. You must therefore schedule a consultation with the pierce to find out if you can indeed have a navel piercing.

The size of the piercing

If you have the Pierce’s endorsement, note that not all piercings are right for everyone. You must indeed take into account the diameter of the jewel. Generally speaking, the diameter of a navel piercing will be 1.6mm, with a length of 10mm. This length can vary according to the morphology of the person. You must therefore inquire before buying you’re piercing. The pierce will be able to tell you which style of piercing is ideal for you.

The preferred material

Body jewelry can be gold, silver, or surgical stainless steel . When it comes to the material, you should choose the render that appeals to you the most and fits your budget.


You should know that the navel piercing can take several weeks to heal. You must therefore pay attention to the clothes you wear during the first weeks or even the first months. In general, it is recommend to wear loose t-shirts or tops for the weeks following the pose. You’re also going to want to avoid high-waited pants to prevent infections from chafing.

You have to know how to dress strategically if you want to be trendy with a new navel piercing. At first, we recommend that you favor oversize outfits. Your are spoil for choice, between loose shirts, oversize sweaters and t-shirts. You can wear them with low waist jeans, cotton or linen pants. You can wear a palazzo, chinos or flare pants. the important thing is that they are not too tight at the waist and that they do not generate friction at the level of your scar.

When your scar has healed well, you will be able to dress as you wish. If you want to proudly show off your navel piercing, crop tops will be your best allies. You will be able to reveal your beautiful piercing while adopting a modern and trendy look . You can even show off your belly jewel on cooler days with crop top sweaters.

To change up crop tops, you can show off your navel piercing by tying your shirts, t-shirts or tank tops. Do not hesitate to wear them with a nice little jacket, in jeans or tweed, to give elegance to your look. In winter, complete your look with slim or skinny jeans that reach below the navel and a pair of heeled boots or thigh-high boots. In summer, you can pair your crop top or tie shirt with denim or cotton shorts , a short floral print skirt, or even a long pleated skirt and sneakers or flat sandals. Of course, you can wear heeled sandals or pumps for a more feminine and elegant look.


If you have a sober style, we recommend navel piercings in yellow gold, silver or gold plated. If you are a gemstone enthusiast, you can choose a crystal piercing with pearls . This kind of jewelry has a very popular girly and glamorous side.

However, for a more trendy look with a navel piercing, bet on pep’s colors. The trends are shimmering colors, even going as far as fluorescent colors. For your evening outings, why not wear phosphorescent and neon navel piercings in all colors? For a more original, yet understated look, opt for black, surgical steel, or titanium belly jewelry.