September 28, 2023
gua sha before and after

Traditional Chinese medicine greatly influences our Western lives: this is true with regard to health, but also beauty! You have surely already seen these little natural stone tools, to be used on the face in order to massage, drain and release toxins from the face. For my part, I discovered gua sha before and after and the associated beauty technique during a Face Gym treatment at Skin Studio Seasonly in Paris (remember, I was telling you about it here ); Since that day, I have tried as much as possible to integrate this new gesture into my beauty routine! I find you today to explain how, when and why to invest in a gua sha.

Gua sha: what is it for?

Goal number 1 is to create lymphatic drainage in the face and neck. The lymph circulates throughout our body thanks to the lymphatic system (in the same way as the venous circulation). It is sometimes useful to help nature, and to carry out some daily movements to facilitate this drainage. The accumulation of this lymph in the face is harmless to health, but it can cause swelling, cause a dull complexion, create pimples or even accelerate skin aging.

Gua sha: how to use it?

Because a photo always speaks better than words, here is a little infographic that will show you the actions to take! These gestures should be very gentle, should never hurt or pull on the face. The pressure must therefore be moderate, not too strong but sufficiently firm on the skin! Overall, the gestures are made from bottom to top, and mostly towards the outside of the face. Little by little, you will observe the gestures that you prefer, and that do you the most good! Personally, I love to focus my efforts on the upper neck (hello double chin!) and on the eyebrows (an area where I often feel tension).

Gua sha: with which product?

It should not be use on a dry face, but always with a “lubricating” product such as a face oil, or a very rich cream. I’m currently using Face Oil Delight from Rudolph Care *: it’s perfect, because it can be massage in for a while before penetrating into the skin. I do not recommend a serum or face cream with an overly watery texture, which would not allow the gua sha to glide on the skin as easily. A vegetable oil can also do the trick very well!

 Gua sha: when, and how often?

The idea is to use it on a daily basis! This will stimulate the facial muscles and create a kind of “rehabilitation” of the face. I prefer to use it in the evening (but I don’t see any problem with using it in the morning)… mainly because I always take advantage of the moment of removing make-up to massage my face and simply take care of myself! In addition, the skin of the face can be a little “heated” and sometimes reddened by the movements. I therefore find it more appropriate to keep this gesture for the evening skincare routine!

Gua sha: which stone to choose?

I’m not really savvy in lit therapy… not that I don’t believe in it, it’s rather that I don’t know anything about it! I notice that most of the gua sha on the market were made from rose quartz, a stone that I really like for its aesthetic appearance. I would find it hard to advise you to turn to this stone rather than another (example: amethyst, jade, etc.). For me, it’s more the movement of the hand and the freshness of the stone that matters, rather than the type of stone used to make it! To boost the “decongestant” effect, you can also put your gua sha in your fridge a few minutes before using it.

Gua sha: where to get one?

I slip you below 3 brands / e-shops in which I trust, in order to order your gua sha! You will notice that their shape differs a little: I tend to think that slightly rounded stones offer a softer experience for the face… whereas a slightly more angular stone will not follow the contours of the face as well, and will exert pressure a little more important.