April 16, 2024
kitchen cabinets

Renovating your kitchen can cost a small fortune. However, it is possible to give a second life to your kitchen cabinets, and thus completely transform your environment, while avoiding spending a huge sum!

The classic solution of repainting the panels remains in the sights, but other more creative options will show you all the possible alternatives!

Here are 10 ideas to transform your kitchen cabinets without replacing them!

1. Change the bottom of the cabinet boxes

Whether you cover it with fabric, wallpaper or simply paint, the bottom of your wardrobe will be incredibly chic. Take the opportunity to place THE crockery service that will add sparkle to the whole.

2. Dress the center of the cabinet fronts

It’s not just the cabinet bottoms that deserve a little makeover; the facades also have the right to a makeover! With soft and invigorating colors, the wallpaper adds a visual impact that is very pleasing to the eyes.

3. Transform with color

This colorful kitchen gives pep! Also, some kitchens have so many doors that they become heavy and bulky. Make some air and add lightness by removing some panels!

4. Line the facade with barn wood

If you like the rustic style and want to add texture to your kitchen, your melamine cabinet doors will make a great backing for barn wood.

Add contemporary handles and you’ll have a splendid look!

5. Replace cabinets with shelves

Many people fear replacing their closed cabinets with shelves .

To avoid accumulations of dust, be sure to place objects and dishes used on a daily basis. No more unpleasant dusting!

6. Remove doors

Do not hesitate to remove your doors and create a single space that has rhythm. You will thus have a single large cabinet where you will enjoy displaying your beautiful plates and other decorative objects!

7. Opt for the two-tone kitchen

This transformation brings light and freshness to the room. Plus, all you need is paint, wallpaper, or vary the textures with a nice backslash!

8. Move cabinet boxes up

In this inspiration, the coffers are very close to the ceiling, visually creating space.

9. Paint the doors and change the handles

Repainting and/or changing the handles and other hardware of your cabinets will make a huge change! Be sure to properly prepare the surface to receive the paint for best results.

10. Add glass panels

The glass doors create a unique atmosphere thanks to the mixture of textures, volumes and colors. Let’s also add a touch of madness and light with a cute little lamp inside a cupboard!