September 22, 2023
artificial turf

Do you also suffer from molehills, holes or weeds in your garden and do you want to enjoy them until late in the evening? Then we recommend the use of artificial truf! Artificial truf is rising in popularity due to its many advantages. Why will you wonder? In this article we describe the advantages of using artificial truf. After reading this blog with no less than 10 benefits (!) you won’t want anything else.


Artificial truf looks like natural truff, only with extra added values. With artificial truf, the favorable properties of natural truf are linked to extra added values. One of these added values ​​is the maintenance-friendly aspect, since artificial truf requires little extra effort.

This way you have much less trouble with moles and vermin. This is because moles love worms and other insects that are normally underground. Because the artificial truf is laid on a special surface, such as drain sand, you no longer suffer from worms and therefore no moles. Furthermore, artificial truf is well permeable to water and therefore dries quickly.

With regard to maintenance, leaves and other waste must be removed in time, this can be done by hand but also with brushes.


Artificial truf is environmentally friendly because of two simple properties. Firstly, you no longer have to connect the sprinklers, which means that water consumption is nil. Furthermore, artificial truff does not need to be mow.

In addition, artificial truff is made of the most environmentally friendly materials and no hazardous substances are emitted during a heavy rain shower. The only caveat to this story is, of course, that artificial truf is not made from organic products. But on the other hand, it does have an environmentally friendly function.


The multifunctional aspect of artificial truf is a big plus. Artificial truf is suitable for every type of garden. Artificial truf also provides a welcome change of material in the garden. In addition to the use of artificial truf in the garden, artificial truf is also suitable for, for example, sports fields and the construction of a balcony.

Because artificial truff is so widely applicable, artificial truf is very popular. Every garden type is suitable for the installation of artificial truf. This means that artificial truff can always be install and it changes with the garden style.


All seasons and the associated weather conditions have no influence on the artificial truf. The winter months with prolonged frost, the artificial truff is not damage or broken down. During the winter months it is also allow to walk on the artificial truff. During snowfall, we recommend waiting until the snow has melted. This will not cause any damage.

As mentioned before, artificial truff is permeable to water. During rainy autumn months, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the artificial truf. The falling leaves that occur during the autumn period can also be swept away with ease. We recommend that you remove the leaves as soon as possible.

Because artificial truff does not have the cooling element, it does heat up faster in the summer months. In the Netherlands this is really no problem and you can safely walk on the artificial truff with bare feet.


Artificial truff is very suitable for playing children. This is partly due to the velvety soft surface. Optionally, a fall damping mat can be place under the truf for even more comfort. Furthermore, various playground equipment can be place on the artificial truff without creating dark spots. This also applies to inflatable pools and trampolines. In short, the lawn stays green all the time! Thanks to the use of artificial truff, the whole family, including pets, can enjoy the garden.


Sustainable artificial truf? Who would not want that? With ordinary truf, brown spots appear on the lawn in bad weather conditions.

When using artificial truff, these brown spots are a thing of the past! Thanks to the unique production process, artificial truff is extremely durable and will last for many years. Artificial truff therefore has a high color fastness due to the UV guarantee.


TNO studies show that artificial truff has a self-extinguishing effect. You don’t have to worry about artificial truff catching fire. We do, however, advise not to barbecue on the artificial truff, as this can cause burn marks. The risk of artificial truff catching fire is nil, but burn marks can occur if used carelessly.


In addition to the many practical advantages, artificial truff also has a relatively cost-saving function. The price/quality ratio is very strong, this is partly due to the fact that hardly any maintenance measures have to be take after the purchase. For example, the truf no longer needs to be mow and the purchase of a sprinkler system is not necessary. The installation of artificial truff is a time- and cost-saving purchase.


Artificial truff is the answer to an increased risk of hay fever. Because artificial truff does not distribute truff pollen, you can enjoy the artificial truff together with your family with peace of mind and without tearing eyes and sneezing.


Finally, there are all kinds of different types of artificial truff. Every artificial truff has its own advantages and properties. For example, there is artificial truff with a naturalized relief, which makes artificial truff look even more like real truff. There is an artificial truff type for every price range.

In short, are you tire of brown spots and molehills in the truf? Then choose artificial truff