September 22, 2023
burberry scarf

Burberry is an English clothing brand whose scarf has made it famous. However, a Burberry scarf is worn more or less the same way you would wear any scarf. Once you have chosen your model, all you have to do is find an outfit to wear your scarf with.

  1. Choose a model for men or a model for women. Burberry offers scarves for men and scarves for women. Whatever your genre, you are free to choose a model that you like in one or the other of these lines. Be aware, however, that the size, patterns and textiles used for women’s scarves are generally easier to pair with women’s clothing, while the characteristics of men’s scarves make them easier to wear with men’s clothing.
  • Women’s models are rectangular or square. There are also poncho and shawl models, as well as small fur collars. The “heritage” style steps tend to bring a discreet and classic look to an outfit.
  • Burberry scarves for men are also rectangular or square. The brand also offers stole models, as well as “heritage” models, which will bring a touch of elegance to your outfit, as is the case with women’s models.

2. Choose the textile. To make its scarves, Burberry uses different textiles. Some are softer and more elegant, while others are tougher. The type of textile you choose can change the final look of your entire outfit.

  • Women’s scarves are available in cashmere, silk and fur. Some models are made of a mixture of one of its materials with wool, linen or cotton.
  • Burberry scarves for men are available in cashmere, wool, linen, cotton and silk.
  • Note that lightweight textiles, such as cashmere and silk tend to be the most elegant. Fur is also a luxurious material. Wool, linen, cotton and blends of these materials also have class and chic, but they tend to be less formal and more versatile.

3. Choose your favorite pattern. The color and pattern of your scarf will also change the style of your outfit. Classic patterns are generally easier to combine with other clothes, while more original patterns will bring originality to your look.

  • The plaid pattern is one of Burberry’s most famous prints, for both men and women. The brand offers this pattern in different colors, from bright red to neutral beige  [1] .
  • You can also find scarves with geometric patterns, especially if you are looking for a model in the “heritage” collection.
  • Other patterns are also available, from stripes to wavy lines, floral, tropical, forest patterns, to “world map” prints, from “beehive” patterns to color block prints .