May 22, 2024
How to fake sleep

How to fake sleep trying to avoid a roommate or parent, pretending to be asleep can help. Fooling someone into believing you are asleep can keep them from bothering you or listening to them, and even allows you to watch what the other person is doing without him or her it notices. You can also use methods of pretending you’ve slept all night, while you’ve been out for a long time.

How to fake sleep in few steps

1. Choose a natural sleeping position. Lie in your most natural sleeping position. Do not hold anything in your hands, put your legs on the bed and do not lift your head. If you normally sleep on your stomach, do this while pretending to sleep. People who know you will find it suspicious otherwise.

2. Don’t move. When you actually sleep, you will move little or not at all. To give the impression that you are actually sleeping, it is best not to move. Unless someone watches you for an extended period of time while you sleep, you are not expect to move.

3. Close your eyes as relaxed as possible. Do not squeeze your eyelids tightly. To appear as if you are sleeping, your muscles, including your eyelids, must be relax.

  • Look down when you close your eyes to avoid blinking your eyelids.
  • Your eyes are not always completely close while sleeping. Slowly lower and close your eyelids; you can still see through the slits of your eyelids.

4. Breathe in rhythmically. Breathe in slowly, evenly and deeply. You should relax your breathing and try to keep it as even as possible. Count in your mind as you inhale, then try to exhale for the same amount of time. Repeat for each breath.

5. Respond to sounds or touch. If you hear a loud noise or are touched, take a short, sudden breath and pull with your body. Even during sleep, our body is aware of what is happening around it. Make your acting convincing by showing something like an unconscious response to sounds and movements in the room.

  • Allow your body to relax and your breathing to return to a slow, steady state after responding to the disturbance.
  • Make sure you don’t smile or open your eyes or you’ll betray that you’re awake.