September 25, 2023
ice skates

Choosing the best ice skates is not easy as sliding equipment has undergone a real revolution

A good ice skates stands out for its stainless steel blades with polypropylene support, for their high resistance and for their practical quick adjustment system.

If it is leather, it must be thick and strong. A good indicator of quality is also usually the internal padding for comfort and reinforcements in the ankles and on the sides of the heels to keep them protected.

To guide you, we have made a selection of 8 products with good value for money.

Below are the best ice skates:

1. Ice skates – CCM Tacks 9040

The 9040 ice skates are the most affordable in the Tacks line. Perfect for ice hockey beginners or casual skaters.

Comes with the Speed Blade Pro blade, not replaceable. The blade holder is a little raised, allowing a more aggressive angle of attack.

Featuring an injected mesh, they provide the level of stiffness needed for efficient power transfer. The slipper is comfortable brushed microfiber and offers good wear resistance.

2. Ice skates – Bauer Supreme S23

Bauer brand ice skates are of good quality at a very affordable price of less than 60 €.

The set of 2 pieces of 30 oz felt with metatarsal protection, they are padded at the ankle with Anaform foam.

The combined District outer material uses 3D True form technology, the lining is microfiber and the ice skate blades are stainless steel.

Hockey skates provide optimal comfort for an affordable price.

3. Ice skates for women – Hudora

HUDORA women’s ice skates are suitable for beginners who are getting into ice skating.

The shoes are slightly reinforced to keep the feet well inside and prevent the risk of sprains. Skating comfort is guaranteed thanks to the padded and warm inner lining.

No risk of bruising during falls. Like all HUDORA ice skate, these skate are frost resistant down to -20°C. The skates are composed of a waterproof surface and a quilted surface quilted with 3D effect

4. Men’s Ice Skates -Hudora HD 216

Hudora’s HD ice skates are very comfortable to wear with an optimal level of comfort.

They are made very robust and resistant which allows them to resist water. The exterior is made of waterproof synthetic leather and high density mesh.

Comfort 3M ThinsulateTM lace system, thermal insulation, protective nylon edge toe caps. The blades are tempered and made of carbon steel.

5. Women’s Ice Skates – Roces

They are leather ice skates cover with a layer of polyurethane in the instep area. It features a fairly comfortable tongue with breathable mesh and foam vinyl to give you good padding.

They have a flexible upper, which makes them lighter and more comfortable. They may be suitable for practicing figure skating.

However, even though it is intend for beginners, it comes with a chrome blade screwed to the trunk, so you can change it easily.

6. Women’s Ice Skates – Head

This model has a premium waterproof synthetic leather exterior and padded reinforcement on the upper part of the ankle for your comfort and safety.

The jig has a bar to give you a better fit and the blade is stainless steel.

It is available in classic and elegant white with a floral detail on the sides of the heels. It is design for beginners and ice skating enthusiasts.

According to comparative opinions, it is one of the best choices on the market.

7. Women’s Ice Skates – Roces Paradise

The classic ice skates from the Italian brand Roces with a retro look and design. They are equip with high heel and figure of carbon steel skate blade with toe pick. The tongue is made of PVC.

With these Roces Paradise ice skate you can choose to keep the classic or you can easily spice them up with colored laces or other accessories for a custom look.

This type of skates can be suitable for beginners or intermediate people

8. Ice skates – Sfr Skate

These are skates made of fairly rigid synthetic material, but pads. With a suede lining, the skates can be use for getting into figure skating, for amateur or even recreational use.

The skates are available for children from size 28 to adults size 42. The price is accessible to all budgets and this in no way detracts from the level of comfort or quality.

What are ice skates?

Ice skates are a type of footwear specifically design to allow movement on a frozen water surface. They consist of a shoe whose sole is fix on a high precision metal blade, generally.

The movement is possible thanks to the contact between this metal sheet and the almost liquid molecules on the surface of the mass of ice.

How to choose ice skates and what to consider before buying?

By making this comparison of ice skates, we could see that these are the factors that determine the realization of a smart purchase:

Type of ice skate

There are art, hockey, speed and recreational ice skates. We must choose according to the use we are going to give them.

· Cut

Ice skates should fit snugly. We don’t have to choose them or one size more or less than what we have.

· Adjustment

To ensure a proper fit, the best ice skates have laces, self-adhesive Velcro closure strips and an adjustable buckle.

· Blade material

Usually steel or carbon. The first material is the most common, but carbon offers better performance.

The blades should be stainless steel, lightweight and screwed to the shoe. A good indicator of quality is also usually the internal padding for comfort and it has reinforcements in the ankles and on the sides of the heels to keep them protected.

· Shoe upper

The upper should be very high on recreational and artistic ice skates and low on hockey and speed skate.

· Lining

It must be breathable but at the same time warm and protect the foot. The best are velvet.

· Sustainability

The sturdiest and most durable ice skates are made of leather. There are also less expensive synthetic fabrics.

· Design

It’s a question of taste. There are modern, vintage, etc. design ice skates.

· Ice skate prices

Between 40 € and 80 € you can buy ice skates with a very good quality / price ratio.

In general, the less expensive ones do not have this type of reinforcement.

Professionals also opt for custom-made models that perfectly match their feet and their needs for additional protection in the event of previous injuries.

Although there are also skates for amateurs, beginners and advanced.

How do they work and what kind of activities are they intend for?

The unisex ice skates consist of the following parts:

Boot: shoe element in which the foot is insert.

Laces with Velcro closure or secure locking buckle: to ensure that the ice skate is attach to the foot.

Integrated blade support: it is the base that connects the sole of the shoe to the sliding blade of the skate.

Blade: usually steel or carbon.

In the upper layer of any ice mass are molecules in a semi-liquid state that lubricate the skate blade.

This physical principle, combined with the momentum given by the skater, makes the metal blade capable of sliding on the ice and moving in any direction. Now the best ice skate can be use for the following activities:

Ice speed skating: generally, it is based on the realization of races in closed circuits using ice skates.

Ice hockey: This is a team sport similar to roller hockey and field hockey. Its particularity is that it is practice on an ice rink and using hockey skate with carbon or metal blades.

Figure skating on ice: sport in which figures, acrobatics and turns are practice using ice skates to the rhythm of music and under the direction of a jury which delivers a score.

How to sharpen skate blades?

With time and use, even the best professional ice skate become dull, leading to loss of grip on the rink and greater difficulty in gliding properly.

However, this does not imply the end of their useful life as they can be sharpen. This service is offer by the professionals who manage the ice rinks and generally costs between €4 and €8.

We recommend leaving the sharpening of skates with steel blades in the hands of professionals.

The process is much more complicated than just sharpening a knife, for example, and doing it wrong can lead to irreparable damage to the skate. In addition, it requires the purchase of a rotary wheel sharpening machine.