April 13, 2024
cocktail dress

Choosing wedding guest attire can be tricky, especially if the invitation is vague. If you have been invited to a wedding and you do not know what to wear, know that certain rules must be respected depending on the time of the ceremony and the formalities. As a general rule, women wear dresses and men must wear a suit. Your suit shouldn’t be black and your dress shouldn’t be white. However, as soon as you add dress code requirements like “black tie optional” or “cocktail attire,” you have a much more specific look to achieve. Today, we are going to focus on the chic wedding cocktail dress.

Chic cocktail dress for glamorous wedding – which color to choose?

The chic wedding cocktail dress is a slightly more elegant, dressier dress. The chic cocktail style is one of the strictest dress codes. Normally it involves wearing a little black dress or a dark colored dress which is suitable for a special evening. But when the invitation is for a summer wedding, pastel colors are most often preferred by guests. From light blue, baby pink, pale yellow, there are several options. No matter what color you choose, think of a chic dress, an outfit that has class.

What outfit to attend a wedding according to the wedding theme?

And if the cocktail dress generally imposes a dress code that wants to be elegant and dressy, it is quite naturally since the occasion itself requires it. So, this does not usually mean that the wedding is free of specific theme with the unique requirement of an outfit at the height of the event. And it is very often the wedding invitation that betrays this theme, so the choice of outfit could well be guided by this aspect. Your choice could then lean towards a flowery cocktail dress for a chic country wedding, bohemian cocktail dress if the wedding is decide in this same theme or a long pale rose for example in case it is a romantic wedding peach color. There is then enough to personalize your dress for wedding.

What other criteria to choose your dress for wedding?

In the image gallery below this page, you will find the most beautiful dresses for guest and for bridesmaids for chic wedding. Get inspire by modern models, perfect for the occasion. Carefully choose the cut that best suits your body type . If you are small, for example, it is better to abandon the long dress in favor of a dress just above the knees. Plus-size women will shine in a flared or trapeze dress in flowing material. But as a general rule, dress, accessories, hairstyle, makeup, keep everything as simple as possible. Think timeless looks and trendy accents.