September 25, 2023
does mcdonalds take apple pay

Can you use Apple Pay for your McDonald’s order? We have the details here.

Does McDonalds take apple pay,Apple Pay is a contactless payment system use by hundreds of millions of people to make online and in-store payments without the need for cash or credit cards at the ready. All you need is your favorite Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac) at your fingertips. You can even use it to pay for a purchase at McDonald’s.

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Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s

McDonald’s, thankfully, allows the use of Apple Pay both at the restaurant checkout, at the drive-thru window, and even when ordering and paying through the McDonald’s mobile app!

Does McDonalds take apple pay,To use Apple Pay at McDonald’s, you must first have it set up on your IPhone or other Apple device, with your chosen payment methods attached and verified. It’s a fairly quick and easy process, but if you need help, check out our guide on setting up Apple Pay on your iPhone. For more information on making the most of your Apple device’s features, like Apple Pay, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

Once Apple Pay is set up on your device to use to pay, all you need to do is unlock your device (with FaceID set up this will likely happen automatically), double click the side button, select the card to use (if you don’t want to use the default), and finally, hold it near the NFC reader at the checkout counter.