September 22, 2023
red dress

It’s not just the little black dress that deserves your attention. The red dress is also an essential part of your wardrobe. She is, moreover, the best friend of all women, whatever their style. But it is a question of associating it well so that your look and outfit in a red dresses is of the best effect.

The red dress: perfect in any season

There are many outfits with a red dress, because it is a timeless and also a chameleon piece. And for good reason, it can be taken out in any season. But often, we tend to think that red dresses, unlike black dresses, are difficult to wear. Which is not totally wrong. Indeed, black will go perfectly with all colors. But red will be quite difficult, since there are several colors that are incompatible with it. Even if you have to be very careful, know that this will not prevent you from taking it out whenever you want and anywhere.

How to wear the red dress in winter?

Who says red dress in winter always thinks of the festive periods. Indeed, this is the perfect opportunity to take this piece out of your wardrobe. However, you should not be satisfied with this “classic” look, because the red dresses, in winter, can go with other outfits. Here are some combinations that I suggest you adopt:

  • With little boots, tights, a coat and a hat.
  • With a sweater, tights, sneakers and a jacket
  • With flat oxfords, a checkered coat and a pretty plain knit hat

How to wear the red dress in summer?

The hot season is the perfect season to take out your little red dress. Color of passion, it is even a garment recommended to make an impression with your favorite summer pieces. Ultra-feminine, it will have its effect on the beach, at the swimming pool, during your summer evenings or even in a simple everyday outfit. Of course, there is still one condition to respect: the choice of accessories you want to mix with.

  • With flat shoes: ballet flats, gladiator sandals, sandals, etc.
  • Fluid, it will do wonders with small light sneakers
  • With wedges and a denim jacket

How to wear the red dress in autumn?

When fall comes, it will be almost impossible for you not to see a look with a red dress . True trend of this season, for several years, you will find it in different styles and for different occasions. If you’re out of ideas or if you’re afraid of making a fashion faux pas, I have some style advice for you:

  • With sneakers, a leather biker jacket and a beanie
  • With heels in its long sleeve version
  • With boots and tights and a scarf if you’re afraid of catching cold

How to wear the red dress in spring?

In its short, long, classy, ​​chic or classic version, the red dress is also a garment that I strongly recommend for spring. But as for the other seasons, you must find the accessory and the look that will best highlight this dress:

  • With a denim jacket, platform sandals and sunglasses
  • With a pretty cape line and ballet flats of the same color
  • With high sneakers and a perfecto