April 11, 2024
Can pregnant women eat shrimp

You find yourself in a new adventure, pregnancy! You are pregnant with a wonderful baby, but you have a lot of questions. How to make the pregnancy go for the best? In terms of food, there is something to lose. We no longer really know what we are allowed to eat. Usually comes the question of seafood .Can pregnant women eat shrimp? Thanks to this article, we will see if you have the right or not, then the measures to take to eat these seafood well and finally what seafood will bring you. After this article, you will finally be able to understand what you are entitled during pregnancy.

Can I eat shrimp when pregnant?

Shellfish and crustaceans, many questions exist at this level. Can you eat shrimp when you are pregnant? The answer is YES, you will be able to eat it during your pregnancy. All you have to do is respect several consumption rules, which we will explain to you later. These indications are important; take the time to read them so as not to make mistakes.

How to eat shrimp when you are pregnant?

Generally the consumption of crustaceans and shellfish is limited to twice a week. To eat seafood, it must be cooked. So to eat shrimp when you are pregnant, it must be COOKED. Here is the only instruction to follow!

It is always wiser to buy fresh seafood and cook it yourself and keep it in a clean fridge if necessary. Do not buy shellfish that have first been cooked and then offered for sale.

If you follow these rules, you are less at risk of listeriosis. It is a disease caused by bacteria found in meat, fish, seafood and cheese. It will only be killed if the food is cooked to a minimum of 70°C. Therefore all crustaceans and shellfish can be eaten cooked. You will have to eat them in moderation of course, so as not to bring too much mercury.

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What are the benefits of eating shrimp when pregnant?

Eating shrimps during pregnancy will provide you with vitamins, trace elements, etc. The main one is iodine which will play a very useful role in the functioning of the mother’s thyroid gland and the baby’s good brain development. Iodine can be found in well-cooked shellfish, mussels, fish, and dairy products and in eggs.