December 6, 2023

Microblading is an innovative beauty treatment that gives those who benefit from it well-defined and very natural eyebrows. Inspired by an ancestral Japanese technique, this semi-permanent make-up is enjoying real success these days. What is microblading? How does it happen? Is it sustainable? What are the risks ? Find all the answers to your many concerns here.

What is microblading?

Microblading was born in Asia, more precisely in Japan between the 17th and 19th centuries. He has revolutionized the world of aesthetics thanks to his unique method and his impressive results . Qualified as semi-permanent makeup, it allows a very natural reconstruction of the eyebrows and does not require any machine.

However, to ensure its proper implementation, it is strongly advised to contact a beauty institute specializing in microblading. To this end, the microblading specialist offers its customers a free consultation, the realization of a top quality microblading and a free touch-up.

Can I do microblading?

A microblading can be performed from the age of 16. Parental consent must be provided if the person wishing to do so is a minor. However, it is strongly discouraged to do so if you are part of the following list:

  • people with thick and oily or very thin and dry skin;
  • people with dermatological pathologies (herpes);
  • pregnant or breastfeeding women;
  • hemophiliacs;
  • people with keloids or any other facial lesions;
  • people with an uncontrolled immune deficiency (HIV);
  • people suffering from serious or progressive ocular pathologies;
  • people on isotretinoin treatment (antibiotic) or anticoagulants or chemotherapy;
  • and people with diabetes (unless a medical certificate is provided).

How is microblading done?

Microblading is perform using a metal pen and a special single-use, sterile needle. Mineral-based inorganic pigments (hypoallergenic) are manually implant into the epidermis (the superficial layer of the skin). Within an hour, shading is creat in the natural eyebrow. The holes are fill and the lines made imitate the hairs to perfection. The visual rendering is very natural.

A microblading is done in how many sessions?

The realization of a microblading requires approximately 1 to 2 hours. The execution time depends on the characteristics of the eyebrow, the work to be done and the dexterity of the director.

After the first session, another session should be schedule after three weeks for a touch -up . The touch-up session is necessary to fix the pigmentation. Indeed, the healing process will reduce the pigments by 30 to 40%. After this session, the microblading will be effective for eight months to a year. Thereafter, the pigment will slowly fade until completely gone.

It therefore takes at least two sessions per year to perform a microbial. Subsequently, it is possible to make other touch-ups to maintain the makeup. The rhythm of his touch-ups will be define during an exchange with your beauty institute.

Does it hurt during microblading?

The realization of a microblading is not very painful . Indeed, the needle does not deeply penetrate the skin. The penetration being superficial, the nerve endings are therefore very little affected. Also, there is very little to no bleeding with a well-done microbial.

However, there may be discomfort or unpleasant sensations during the process. It is in this context that the application of local anesthesia before the start of treatment is recommend.

What should be done before a microblading?

Before doing a microblading, it is recommend to moisturize the skin well . A hydrated skin will allow a better gripping of the pigment and will minimize the risks of failure

On the other hand, in the 48 hours before carrying out the make-up, avoid any consumption of alcohol, aspirin and anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen).

What should be done after microblading?

After the realization of a microblading, it is necessary to respect certain instructions . It is advisable to avoid any contact of the eyebrows with water in the two hours following the treatment. You must apply a special cream 2 to 3 times a day, in a thin layer, on the eyebrows and between the real hairs for 3 to 5 days. If these instructions are not respect, crusts will form and carry away the pigment.

It should be note that baby oils or petroleum-based products are strongly discourage.

After microblading, how does healing take place?

Healing will take about 3 weeks. During this period it is imperative to respect the instructions that will be give to you at the beauty institute.

In addition, several signs can be observe during this period such as darkening or lightening pigmentation, itchy eyebrows (do not scratch) and ash color. These signs are normal. But when you notice large, thick and hard scabs, contact your beauty salon or doctor directly.

How much does microblading cost?

The cost of a microblading varies between 100 to 600 Euros . The price will depend on the quality of the material used, the technique, the experience and the notoriety of the director.

What are the risks of microblading?

The main risk of microblading is facial infection (facial cellulites). Indeed, if the material used during the realization of the make-up is not sterile or if the area to be pigment is not disinfect, the epidermis will be colonize by germs (bacteria) which will induce a local infection. This can quickly get worse if it is not take care of quickly.