September 28, 2023
jewellery set

If the choice of your wedding dress is obvious, the rest may not be. Choosing your wedding hairstyle is already another matter, but in addition you have to find the perfect jewellery set and accessories for the big day! Your wedding adornment must highlight your style and your face while showing discretion. But above all, all of your jewellery set must harmonize with the wedding ring that you will exchange on D-Day. So, what jewellery to wear on your wedding day?


Your jewellery and wedding accessories are a detail that complements your wedding dress, your make up and your hairstyle. It is therefore preferable to choose timeless, rather discreet ones that do not weigh down your outfit.

Also, the star jewel of your wedding is your wedding ring! On this day, we advise you if possible not to wear any ring other than your engagement ring . It is the assortment of these two jewels (wedding ring / engagement ring) that must be at the center of attention. Platinum, yellow gold, pink gold, diamonds or colored gemstones… Make sure you choose a set that goes together perfectly and that you won’t get tired of in the long run.

But of course and as always, there is no rule strictly speaking, if you like more imposing jewellery, above all, treat yourself and be more rock’n’roll baby!


To facilitate the choice of your wedding necklace, rely on the neckline of your dress:

  • Bustier and bardot collar: Favor a crew neck or slightly longer. They add a touch of elegance.
  • V-neckline and sweetheart neckline: Opt for a more drooping necklace with a pendant. It highlights your chest with romance.
  • Low back: Choose a back collar. It brings a little audacity to your delicacy.
  • American neckline: Your dress covers the throat, so it is best not to wear a collar. Prefer earrings, dangling.


This time, it’s your beauty, and your necklace that help you in the choice of bridal earrings:

  • Fleas: These are great if your hair is short, you wear bangs, or your long hair is down. Minimalist and chic, they bring a slight boost of radiance without weighing down your face.
  • Sleepers: They easily adapt to all types of buns, medium-length hair, or a braided hairstyle, and add a little retro touch.
  • Pendants: They are perfect for showcasing your bohemian hairstyle or the choice of a dress with an American neckline and subtly revive your make-up.


If your wrists are visible, you can wear a bracelet. Choose it thin, if your dress is made of lace or rhinestones. Opt for a more contemporary bracelet if your dress is refined, it gives character to your outfit.

In general, the watch is to be avoided. It clutters your handle and it would be a shame to see you watching the time during your ceremony. But then again, everyone does what they want!