May 22, 2024

Each brand of sneakers has its type of laces?

Did you notice it? Indeed, the Nike lace is different from those of the Adidas sneaker brand and still different from those of Converse. This is the same for all brands! They choose a type of laces according to their own criteria and these laces become characteristic of their brand. However, this is not valid in 100% of cases; it would be too simple ?. Sneaker brands also sometimes choose to assign a type of laces to a particular model. Why? To give it its own identity and differentiate itself from the rest of the sneakers.

For example, Puma and Reebok prefer to use tubular polyester laces, they are recognizable by their thickness, and the lace is designed as a tube and then flattened. The Adidas firm also uses tubular laces for its flagship models such as the Stan Smith but designs them with cotton for a less shiny and more flexible finish. As for Converse, their classic shoelaces are simple flat shoelaces, designed straight into a single layer. Not easy to find.

But then, which laces has Nike chosen for its pairs?

We notice that 90% of Nike models have simple flat laces. This is a feature found on many models like the Air Max One, Air Force and Cortez. These Nike laces have an ultra-flat finish, they remain discreet and do not take over the design of the pair. As for the length, the firm Nike has chosen to deliver its sneakers with laces in 125 cm whatever the size. Below are some picture examples.

As I said above, there are necessarily exceptions to the rule. Note for example the Air Max 97 which are always associated with round laces. The Vapor ax sneakers have been designed with “sport” laces called oval laces just like the racers and the AirMax plus.

Which laces to replace my Nike laces?

In the Pin roll shop you will necessarily find what you are looking for.

If you’re looking for white Nike laces to replace the originals, these are the  flat Nike laces in white for you. They will soon exist in black.

If you want to personalize your sneakers with the same type of laces, there are also many other colors. for example, we have neon green , neon orange and ultraviolet flat laces that bring fun to any pair of sneakers.

For the size, we have dedicated a page on our site which specifies the length of laces that we recommend by model of Nike sneakers and according to the size. You can find all this information here . In general, we advise to select 115 cm for a woman size and 137 cm for a man size.