April 11, 2024
nose piercing

Nose piercing: the course of the piercing

What precautions should be taken?

Before going to your appointment for your Nose piercing, it is recommended to be on an empty stomach and to be in good shape. do not put pressure on yourself for the drilling, come accompanied if necessary.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure is not very long, about 20 minutes. The piercing itself only takes a second . It is the preparation that is longer since it is necessary to disinfect the area to be pierced , take measurements, clean the equipment and provide all the instructions and advice for the healing of the piercing .

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Nose piercing pain

Nose piercing pain varies from person to person. Some will bear the pain easily. The pain is sharp but very fast, like a vaccine.

What to do after nose piercing?

From the moment your piercing is in place, it requires impeccable hygiene and special attention.

  • If you want to touch your piercing: wash your hands before doing so.
  • Use compresses with saline solution
  • Following the piercing, a feeling of pain may be present on the area concerned, apply the care gently

Nose piercing: healing time

Know that there are different types of nose piercing , but we will focus on the most common: the nostril piercing . Complete healing takes between 4 and 6 months . You must therefore, during this period, take care of your piercing both for your health and for its aesthetics.

On the other hand, the healing of the septum piercing lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. Each part of your face or body has a different healing time.

Longer than the septum, the bridge piercing can go up to 9 months. it must be taken into account that each body reacts differently. It is therefore difficult to accurately predict the duration of the healing process. But remember that the more you take care of your piercing and follow the recommendations of your tattoo artist / piercer, the faster and more effective the process will be.

Healing phase of the piercing: what to do?

Your nose piercing deserves special attention until complete healing. It is even recommended to continue the treatment 1 or 2 weeks later. It’s all about cleanliness and hygiene, clean the piercing a few minutes a day with your saline solution. It reduces the grouping of bacteria around the piercing area without affecting the healing process.

Things not to do with you’re piercing

When you have a nose piercing for the first time, it is necessary to follow certain simple rules so as not to slow down healing and avoid the risk of infection. Here are the things not to do with your piercing .

Playing with her piercing

Constantly touching your piercing only increases the risk of infection. Throughout the day you will be in contact with a large number of surfaces: desk, door handle, cutlery etc. Bacteria will be present on your hands, so avoid contact with your piercing.

Forgetting to wash your hands

Touching your piercing throughout the day is not recommended. But what’s even more so is doing it with dirty hands. You must therefore remember to wash your hands several times a day. If you are often on the move, do not hesitate to buy a hydroalcoholic gel.

Make up with your nose piercing

It is highly likely that you want to wear makeup with your piercing, however, you must take precautions. Moisturizers, foundation, and other cosmetics may contain irritants to your piercing. It is therefore necessary to avoid making up the area around your jewel.

Remove the jewelry during the healing period

It is absolutely necessary to keep your jewel during the entire healing period of the piercing. If you remove it at the start of the period, the hole can close up within a day. When you remove your piercing , place it in a dedicated jewelry box . This preserves it from bacteria and deposits.

Here are two example boxes you can use:

A spacious jewelry box with various storage space

A more decorative and easy-to-store jewelry box

Swimming and sun exposure

Many people wonder if you can swim with a piercing. Bathing with a piercing is obviously not recommended, since the water contains many bacteria that could lodge on the jewelry area and cause infection. Another common mistake is prolonged exposure to the sun, it promotes the development of bacteria.

When can I stop cleaning my nose piercing?

When healing is complete, salt water is no longer necessary. However, you should always clean your piercing , as infections can also occur after healing. To clean his piercing, we recommend that you use mild soap and rub it to remove all deposits. it is recommended to clean it at least once a week.

When can I replace my nose piercing jewelry?

As we were able to say just before, it is strongly discouraged to remove your piercing during healing . Once it is finished, you can remove it to change jewellery, for example. We advise you to change the jewel fairly quickly; there is always a risk that the area will close up.

To conclude: The healing of the nose piercing

  • The healing time of a nose piercing varies depending on the person and the attention you pay to this healing.
  • To promote and accelerate healing, clean your piercing twice a day with a suitable solution, wash your hands, do not make up the area of ​​the piercing.
  • It takes at least 6 weeks for the area to heal, and about 6 months for complete healing.
  • When you remove your piercing, clean it and place it in a suitable box to avoid possible infections