September 25, 2023
smiley piercing

The smiley piercing sublimates your smile. This unique jewel is visible when you want it to appear. Otherwise, it can remain hidden. Today it is one of the most fashionable jewelry. However, some precautions and information should be taken into account before opting for this jewel to place on the lip brake.

What is smiley piercing?

A smiley one piercing is a piercing located between the lips and the gums. It is place at the level of the thin strip of skin connecting your lips to your gums, hence the name brake. The piercing only appears when you smile. For this reason, it is also called the smile piercing. Fashionable and original, it is suitable for both women and men. 

5 things to know about the smiley piercing

Before committing to a smiley piercing, it is very important to understand the different changes following its existence.

  • The Smiley’s piercings are in an extremely sensitive area. If pierced incorrectly or improperly maintained, you may experience dangerous and uncomfortable side effects;
  • For this kind of piercing, it will take 4 to 12 weeks of recovery  ;
  • Not everyone can get a piercing: we can mention having braces or a frenulum that is too small. Other disqualifying oral conditions may include gum disease, dental sealants, and periodontitis;
  • the price of the smiley piercing can vary between 30 and 90 Euros;
  • The smiley piercing can be painful.

How is the piercing session going?

The first reflex of the piercer before piercing the frenulum, he first examines the state of it. This type of piercing is not feasible on everyone, especially those with too thin frenulum.

The conditions required for its realization

The latter must be large enough to receive the jewel. Otherwise, the drilling will not take place, because your brake may tear.

On the other hand, if the frenulum is thick enough, it can support the piercing. In this case, you will be entitle to an antibacterial rinse before the passage of the sterilized needle.

Smiley piercing procedure

Once the pre-piercing procedures have been complete, the piercer will hold your upper lip to pierce the frenulum and install the jewelry. The entire drilling process takes a few seconds.

What not to do after getting pierced?

Your brake is sensitive for the next few days following the completion of the piercing. There are therefore gestures and situations to avoid avoiding all forms of complications.

  • the consumption of spicy and hot foods during the first weeks;
  • The use of pungent toothpaste. The use of a children’s toothpaste is even advisable because of their milder flavor;
  • avoid activities that can put a lot of strain on your mouth  ;
  • drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes for the next few weeks after your piercing, as this slows healing;
  • Talk too much during the first days after the piercing. You can speak, but in moderation and when necessary.

Piercing smiley: maintenance

Once your smiley piercing is finish, there are gestures to apply for a rapid healing of the affected area. During the healing process, there are maintenance actions to adopt on a daily basis  :

  • rinse your mouth after each meal;
  • clean your mouth with saline solution or sea salt twice a day;
  • brush your teeth twice a day;
  • use a mild toothpaste to avoid irritating the piercing;
  • use an alcohol-free mouthwash;
  • speak normally for the next few days after the piercing to promote healing;
  • Sleep can, lack of sleep can significantly damage your immune system and slow healing.

Respect for maintenance gestures is important because it is the basis for avoiding rejection and promoting healing.

What types of jewelry to choose for a smiley piercing?

The jewel to place on your brake must be light, if it is too heavy it can damage your frenulum . For the aesthetic side, you have the choice between a curved bar, a small bar or a ring with ball.

Your choice should be on a piece of jewelry with a good fit. This should not come into contact with your front teeth otherwise it may damage your email or wear it down over time. No rubbing should also be done with your gums otherwise the risk of possible pain is very possible.

The smiley piercing: a beauty asset

The aesthetic power of a smiley piercing lies in its originality. Its makes its appearance through a smile and punctuates the look of your face. It gives style to your outfit and can be worn on all occasions. It is a beauty asset that enhances the appearance of your mouth or your smile.