April 11, 2024
baby's first haircut

Your daughter was born with a head full of gorgeous curls? So you may be wondering when it will be time to give him his first haircut. Or maybe, on the contrary, your baby was born with a smooth head and you wonder when her hair will finally grow and if the time for the baby’s first haircut will ever come.

Many parents consider their child’s hair to be the Holy Grail, especially if it’s a girl. Which means not everyone can touch them! These locks are like soft threads of gold.

Either way, there will always come a time when your baby will have to be faced with their very first haircut. You may be dreading that day or rejoicing in it. Whatever your situation,this guide is here to help. Baby’s first haircut needs a little preparation, so you’ll find out everything you need to know.


There is no good or bad time. Some babies have a lot of hair that grows at breakneck speed. They may be ready for trimming as early as eight months old, or even earlier. Other children may not be ready for their first haircut until they reach toddler age. And so it is. In fact, it’s something a mom should think less about and let nature and time do!

The age of the baby’s first haircut also depends on the preference of the parents. Some parents prefer “baby hair”, while others like a neater, groomed baby look. Either way, keep in mind that once baby’s hair has been cut, it probably won’t grow the same way. After the first cut, fine hair may become thicker. And those cute baby curls you just cut might not grow back.


Your baby or toddler probably won’t like a surprise haircut, unprepared for it. Think about what actually happens during a haircut. Your child must remain seated in a chair, wear a plastic cape and have their hair touched by a stranger. So try to prepare your child for this event as much as possible. With a toddler, talk to him about it and explain to him how and why we get a haircut. The best idea would probably be to bring your child to watch you have your hair cut the next time you go to the hairdresser!

It’s best when discussing your first haircut to avoid using the word “cut”. Toddlers may be frightened by the meaning of this word. You can use the words “hair style” or “beautify” instead. By distracting and entertaining your daughter, you will undoubtedly make the first haircut a little easier. Take his favorite toy to the hairdresser. Maybe even a coloring book could help.

Make sure you take your daughter to the hairdresser at a time when she’s not hungry or tired. Children find it difficult to stay calm when they haven’t eaten. And a tired child is more likely to throw a tantrum, that’s the last thing you want in the hair salon! It is therefore preferable to schedule an appointment with the hairdresser in the morning. At this time of day, your baby will be fresh and ready after a full night’s rest. It is also advisable to bring another person to help you, especially if you are not going to a specialist hair salon for children. Both parents can go together, or you can bring a friend, someone your child feels safe with.


Depending on how your daughter reacts to the hairdresser, you may need to sit in the chair with her on your lap. If you feel a little worried, your daughter will definitely feel that worry. She may then feel frightened and in danger.

Stay positive! Prepare yourself and your daughter for the haircut; keep talking to her, telling her how much fun it will be. And how beautiful she will be afterwards!


When choosing a salon for your baby’s first haircut, finding the right one is crucial. This is an essential condition for the success of this first experience and future haircuts to come. Make sure the living room is child-friendly. Your little one may let out a few cries or cries and you definitely don’t want her to be judged. Maybe talk to other moms in your neighborhood to find out which is the best kid’s hair salon in your town.

Some child-friendly hair salons offer first-cut packages that include before and after photos, and a souvenir hair piece. In most cases, these children’s hair salons have books and videos that will entertain your daughter.

It is also possible that there is a hairdresser in your community who has a lot of experience with children. Talk about it around you, with other mothers, when leaving the nursery for example. Or use your favorite search engine on the internet and search for “home hairdresser for children in [name of your city]” .


The baby’s first haircut does not have to be very large. She will be on an emotional level, of course, but the cut itself doesn’t have to be fancy. Maybe your daughter just needs a quick cut or some even-out bangs, which you can do yourself at home.

Before you cut your daughter’s hair yourself, here are some items you will need:

  • A chair, preferably a high chair
  • A comb and brush
  • Hair clips
  • A spray bottle of water.
  • Two towels
  • Barber scissors, sharp and precise for a quick cut

1. Arrange the living room

Find the best location for your “home living room”. Many parents prefer to do the cut in front of the television, in order to entertain their child and keep them as calm as possible. You can also give him a toy to occupy his hands. Lay a towel or newspaper on the floor where you are going to perform the haircut. Use a high chair for your child; it will make it easier for you and save your back!

2. Prepare your daughter

Once your little one is in the chair, wrap a towel around her shoulders and use a hair clip to secure her. If your toddler sees the towel as a break in her contact with you, put her in an old t-shirt instead. Use the spray bottle to wet or dampen your daughter’s hair. You can also wash and shampoo her hair before, but it’s best to bathe her afterwards. It is then much easier to remove all the cut hair.

3. Start with small cuts

Comb the hair and focus on small sections at a time, straightening the hair first, so it sits straight. Use two fingers to hold the hair you are going to cut, just like your hairdresser does. Run your fingers along the hair, away from the baby’s head. When you have reached the desired length, carefully cut just below, always keeping your fingers between the scissors and your baby. Continue, small sections by small sections and cut. Take care to check the amount of hair you cut, so that they all end at the same length.

4. be vigilant

Be careful what scissors you use, especially barber scissors, as they are extremely sharp. When you’re not holding the scissors, put them in a safe place out of your daughter’s reach.

5. Prepare for a second session

The haircut may not be perfect the first time. You are not a hairdresser and even less a stylist!So small touch-ups may be necessary the next day.

6. Be inspired

Now that you know what you need to get your daughter ready for her first haircut, you need some inspiration. What style to choose, what haircut will go best with the morphology of his face? This is a difficult question to answer. But you are sure to find inspiration on the internet by taking a look at “trendy kid girl haircuts” .


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