September 25, 2023
jamu juice

The word “jamu” means grass and in everyday language it could be translate as “grass juice”. The story says that the jamu juice first appeared in the 17th century in Java where it was used by Indonesian royalty to enhance their beauty.

It is a very traditional and essential drink in Bali and Indonesia. It has a tonic taste that is generally quite bitter but can be sweeten with a little sugar. Jamu can be kept in the bottle for a few days in the refrigerator and is consume daily by 80% of the population. For this reason, even if local medicine is sometimes skeptical about its effectiveness, it would never occur to them to advise against it…

A true elixir of life

This “elixir of life ” as it is nickname, is renown for preserving female beauty, the health of babies, correcting the dysfunctions of the body but above all for curing, preventing and relieving practically all diseases! In fact, we lend it practically all the virtues, which is not surprising when we know that there are probably as many varieties as there are family secrets to make it… Ginger is one of the roots commonly use in all recipes. 400 plants , fruits, nuts, spices, condiments can be use in the composition such as, for example, cloves, bananas, peppers, cinnamon, cane sugar, etc. It’s a “detox drink ” » without alcohol or any chemical or narcotic additives.

There are “tukang jamu”, meaning jamu specialists, who are generally women. They make the jamu and then turn into street vendors with baskets full of bottles that they carry on foot, by bicycle or by scooter.

Today the medical drink is also manufacture by companies which distribute it in grocery stores and supermarkets in liquid form, powder in sachets or capsules. The industrialized jamu does not however compete with its artisanal ancestor and only the “tukang” can deliver informed advice to customers, according to their ailments and requests. Homemade jamu juice is consider a grandmother’s remedy .

The preparation of jamu juice


  1. 1 large glass of water
  2. 4 small or 2 large oranges
  3. 1 lemon / a pinch of salt
  4. 1 ginger root
  5. 7 good turmeric roots


  1.  Put the ginger and turmeric in the blinder
  2.  Add the fruit juice
  3. Lengthen with the glass of water
  4. Mix everything with a pinch of salt
  5. Filter the juice with a cloth
  6.  Bottle

The benefits for the body

jamu juice “stimulates blood circulation, fights coughs, sore throats, flu, colds, angina, ailments, pains, migraines. It firms the epidermis and makes the skin soft, gives energy and sexual vigor, helps the body function properly”. Benefits of using ginger: it is a good antiviral, antibacterial, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory. It is also a painkiller and an aphrodisiac and it promotes digestion.

Turmeric is known for its anti-cancer benefits, to purify the blood, protect the digestive organs and the liver, lower cholesterol levels, treat ulcers and even solve skin problems.