April 16, 2024

Miscellaneous facts

  • This dog comes from the cross between an English Cocker Spaniel (or an American Cocker Spaniel) and a Miniature Poodle. He is considered a “designer dog” and not a purebred dog; at present, the cockapoo is not recognized by the International Canine Federation.
  • Some so-called first generation puppies are born of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. On the other hand, some breeders prefer to breed Cockapoos together to stabilize the breed and provide more predictable puppies.
  • According to the Cockapoo Club of America, it comes in four official varieties: teacup toy, toy, miniature, and standard.
  • Given the popularity of this dog and a more flexible standard, it is easier for a malicious breeder to make a profit off the back of the breed. See our tips below for choosing a responsible breeder.
  • Normally, he does not lose his hair. On the other hand, it is less certain that this trait manifests itself in first-generation dogs.

The origin of the cockapoo

According to Dogtime (EN), the first specimens may have been born accidentally, without wanting to create a new breed. Surprised by the intelligence, the low odor, the limited hair loss and the pleasant character of the litter, the masters would have decided to push the experiment further.

Among the famous “designer dogs”, the cockapoo is among the oldest, dating back to the 1960s. Several breed clubs were formed towards the end of the 1990s, encouraged by the enthusiasm of the public and hoping to develop stable lines with all the desired qualities in this dog. Their efforts would bear fruit: the abandonment rate of these dogs would be lower than in many of their congeners.

The cockapoo’s diet

A cockapoo puppy should be fed between three and four times a day when young, then increase to two meals a day at around six months. This is also a good time to transition from puppy food to adult dog food. The veterinarian will be a good adviser to help you determine the quantities necessary for your companion to maintain a healthy weight.

Be careful with grocery store kibbles: although they are less expensive, they generally contain “filler” ingredients that are to say very little nutrition, which means that your dog will have to eat more to be sated. This is not very good for the long term health of the animal.

Like many small dogs, he is at risk of developing oral disease if you are not careful. A good brushing of teeth a few times a week will help him stay healthy.

Finally, remove his bowl between meals to prevent him from eating out of boredom, which can interfere with weight management. However, make sure he always has access to fresh water.

Buy food online

The brands of food sold at the vet are generally available online at good prices. On Amazon, Hill’s Science Diet, for example, offers up to $15 off the first purchase as well as 5% off a monthly subscription. Buy your favorite food brand online:

The character of the cockapoo

He is a dog made for family life. He is very affectionate and very flexible, known to adapt to different living environments. This cheerful and highly intelligent companion is easy to please! Solitude, on the other hand, does not work very well for him: he can suffer from separation anxiety and develop a destructive temperament, through barking or gnawing on various objects, if you leave him alone all day.

Life with children is possible, but it is better that they are of a certain age and respectful behavior so as not to offend the dog’s sensitivity. Miniature and standard varieties are a little more suitable for this. Cohabitation with cats and other dogs is also possible!

Finally, temperament can vary greatly from dog to dog, especially in first generation dogs. See our advice on choosing a breeder to help you.

Choosing a Cockapoo Breeder

Even though hybrid dogs like the cockapoo, morkie and labradoodle are sold at very high prices, it cannot be assumed that the breeder takes good care of his proteges. Their popularity can be seen as an opportunity to make a quick buck! Here are some things to look out for in finding a responsible dog breeding professional:

  • Visit the premises where your puppy is raised before making a deposit or purchase. Youth greatly influences the development of temperament; it is therefore important that the dog lives with the family and that it is sufficiently stimulated through toys.
  • Notice the number of dogs raised on the premises. A large number of breeds may mean greater commercial intent or, otherwise, less interest in breed “compliance”.
  • Be very careful with classified ad sites like Kijiji, Lespac, Fouinez and others. They are a privileged window for puppy mills to sell the animals they raise in dismal conditions.
  • A good breeder tests his breeding dogs against the main genetic diseases that can be transmitted to his offspring, in order to improve the breed. Ask to see the results of health tests.
  • Ask for the contact information of past customers of this breeder. This will allow you to see with them how satisfied they were with their experience, and if any health problems arose afterwards.
  • Pay attention to the attitude of your contact. If the person cares little about the future environment in which his puppy will evolve, he is probably not very attached to it.

Breeding dogs shouldn’t just be for profit. Please encourage animal husbandry professionals and/or animal shelters by taking these precautions!

cockapoo physical activity

Taller varieties have higher exercise requirements. In any case, a 20-minute walk a day is really the bare minimum. Your companion will enjoy other activities like ball games, obedience activities, etc.

It is also a dog that generally enjoys swimming, although this varies from one specimen to another. On the other hand, bet on the life jacket to avoid the risk of drowning.

cockapoo health

Despite a very enviable life expectancy, the cockapoo is not entirely spared from the health problems that affect purebred dogs! Some diseases can be inherited from its poodle and cocker spaniel parents. Here are the main ones:

  • allergies
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Cataract
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • ear infections
  • Dislocation of the patella
  • liver diseases

To improve the chances of fostering a healthy puppy, look for a responsible breeder who screens for major hereditary diseases in their breeding dogs. Ask to see the results of these tests and ask for a written and substantial health guarantee (often 2 years) against these diseases.

The education of the cockapoo

Very intelligent, the cockapoo should not make training very complicated for you. Just use positive reinforcement to emphasize good behavior and be patient. He is an obedient companion who will have no difficulty learning tricks.

Bet on socialization at a young age to improve its predispositions with its congeners, cats and strangers. It is recommended to expose your companion to a variety of environments and noises to make it more tolerant and less nervous.

Cockapoo grooming and maintenance

As his hair falls very little, it is necessary to go to the groomer a few times a year to have your dog clipped and waxed. Daily brushing will also help prevent knots from forming.

Brush your cockapoo’s teeth 2 or 3 times each week to reduce the risk of oral disease caused by tartar. Inspect and clean the ears weekly to fight infections and inspect their eyes at the same time. Finally, groom its claws as needed when you hear them snapping on the ground.

Recommended accessories for the cockapoo

When you welcome a dog for the first time, it is normal to have to buy some accessories to adapt to this new cohabitation. Some will be anxious in front of all the possible choices: perhaps you are afraid of buying a product that will break too quickly (despite the high price!), or even of putting your dog’s safety at risk. This is why Lebernard has written guides for the purchase of the main dog accessories, such as:

  • The dog crate
  • The dog collar
  • The dog leash Dog
  • toys: KONG , interactive bowls , Frisbees …
  • The dog water fountain
  • The dog bed (as well as the heating mat and the cooling mat!)