December 6, 2023
copper brown hair

Ash brown is my favorite color. It fades like any other hair color, especially if you don’t take care of it. Copper hair can also be caused by ash brown hair.

To prevent your hair from getting too dark, use a purple shampoo. To remove copper highlights from your hair, use a toner if it is darker. You can also visit a salon.

Learn how to tone your copper brown hair at home. Remember that maintenance is the key to beautiful hair.

Why Does My Brown Hair Turn Copper?

The oxidation process can turn your hair from a dark brown color to black. When you bleach your hair, the hair color you use will usually release an artificial pigment onto your hair and take away your natural hair color.

This is where copper hair color comes in! This can become a problem if you don’t bleach the underlying pigment in your hair. Instead, it allows warm tones to come up.

For blonde hair, yellow is the underlying color. Orange and red are the underlying colors of brown hair. Don’t be angry if your hair turns brassy. It’s you who is missing! That’s it.

The hair dye molecules that give your hair its color need to go. Natural warm tones are making a comeback. Because they stay tiny and fragile, they fade faster with each wash, which is a shame!

How to Turn Brown Hair into Ash Color?

Now that you know what copper hair can look like, I’m going to share some tips on how to make your hair ashen at home.

First, wash your hair and comb it. Follow the steps below whether you’re using a hairspray spray bottle or dampening your hair in the sink.

Tip 1 Protect your work surface, your clothes and yourself

The toner may stain the hair even if you are not using it for the first time. You should wear a t-shirt that you no longer like and cover your workspace with paper before you begin.

You can also apply petroleum jelly to the hairline and neck.

Tip 2 – Mix two parts 20 volume developer with one part toner

As long as you use the right proportions, it doesn’t matter how much you use. Double the amount of developer. A bottle of toner will suffice for medium-length hair. For long hair, however, you may need to use two bottles.

Mix the ingredients in a non-metallic bowl using a spoon. Follow the instructions on your toner’s label. Use an ash brown shade if using a tinted product. Then: application! Keep your eyes on the copper bits!

Tip 3: Use a tint brush to apply the mixture to the brassy areas

Use a tint brush to apply this mixture to your hair. Focus on the more brassy areas. If the ends need toning, focus on them. The same goes for your roots. Start at the top and work your way down.

Tip 4: Use your fingers to blend the mixture into your hair.

Mix the mixture with your fingers. To make things look even better, cover your hair with the mixture.

Tip 5: Hold your hair straight and wait the recommended exposure time.

Depending on the toner you used, how long you will have to wait. You should always read the instructions. Most cases will take between 10 and 15 minutes to process.

Tip 6: Use cool water to rinse your hair! Use your usual conditioner

Use cold water to wash your hair. Do not use shampoo. It can strip the toner. Rinse with water then apply your usual conditioner. Leave for 2 minutes, then rinse once more. Keep your hair beautiful!

How can you get rid of copper brown hair

These maintenance steps will help you prevent copper brown hair. Maintenance is key to maintaining healthy hair and long-lasting ash brown hair color.

Step 1 – Wash your hair at least twice a week

It is not recommended to wash your hair every day as it may cause some of its color to lose. The more you wash your hair, the faster the dye will fade.

Step 2 – After each wash, apply your usual conditioner!

To keep your hair soft and hydrated, use conditioner after every wash. Why? Why?

It is recommended to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner. This will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy. The conditioner should be applied once or twice a week.

Step 3 – Use colored hair products

Use products made specifically for colored hair. This is an important step to make your hair color last longer. Shampoo and conditioner can accelerate hair bleaching if they contain chemicals. Instead, use specialized organic/natural products to color your hair.

Step 4 – Avoid using hot water to wash your hair!

Use only cold water to wash your hair. Hot water can destroy your hair color, I don’t know if that’s something you’ve heard. Hot water can cause your color to fade faster than cold water.

5: Reduce heat styling!

It’s a good idea to air-dry your hair more often. To avoid damaging the hair, you can reduce the use of hot styling tools. If you feel you must use them, keep them below 400 F (204 C).

Do not curl or straighten your hair while it is still damp. Before styling your hair or blow-drying it, use a good heat protestant. It will make your hair shine.

Step 6 – Protect your hair from the sun every day!

Did you know that the sun is your worst enemy when it comes to hair color? If you don’t use sunscreen every time you go out, your hair color will fade quickly. Cover your hair with a scarf or hat if you want it to last longer. Use UV protection spray.

Step 7 – Avoid sunlight, salt water or swimming pools!

Sunlight is the biggest enemy of hair colors, as I just said. Your hair can also be damaged by chlorine and salt water. Your dye will fade faster because of them. You should avoid swimming and keep your hair dry in the water.

How Do You Tone Copper Brown Hair?

I can help you tone your copper brown hair if you don’t know how! First you need to know that there are two options.

Go To Salon

To tone your hair, you can go to the salon. Experts restore shine and color to your hair in just 20 minutes. You may not know what toner is, but hairstylists will use it to restore your hair color.

The toner is a transparent layer of hair color that lasts for several weeks. It is often used to correct brassy hair. It can correct red, orange and yellow tones based on natural color.

This option will do your hair a great favor. Toning will fix brassy hair and add volume. The color won’t last forever! The good news is that your hair will stay beautiful for quite some time.

It’s possible to do it yourself

  • Apply the product only on dry hair.
  • Purple shampoo / blue tinted shampoo should be used once a week if you have healthy hair
  • Never leave the product longer than five minutes before washing and conditioning.

How Can I Prevent My Brown Hair From Going Brassy?

A: Use products made specifically for coloring hair. Avoid salt water, sunlight and swimming pools. You should reduce your use of heat styling products. Do not style your hair while it is still damp. Air dry your hair more often. Remember that maintenance is key to maintaining healthy hair color.