September 25, 2023
how to set a mousetrap

How to set a mousetrap using these different baits.

Solution 1: Catch a mouse with a trap filled with regular food

Zoom on the different types of mousetraps

There are two main types of mouse traps:

  • Traps that aim to capture and kill mice: classic “swatter”, tooth trap, 2 or 3 hole mousetrap, rubber band trap, electric mouse trap, glue trap.
  • Traps aimed at capturing the mouse without killing it, to release it elsewhere: mouse trap, trap box, seesaw trap.

All these traps are to be filled with bait which will attract the mouse. We use for this an ordinary food which the mouse is fond of.

Bait the mice with grains and starches

Mice are particularly fond of cereals and starches:

  • raw cereals  : rice, wheat, pasta, etc. (commercial poison baits are often made with cereals);
  • bread , which you can soak in liquid vanilla to enhance its appeal;
  • rusks, biscuits;
  • Or simply flour, placed in a small pile.

Top the bait with cheese

Cheese is the first bait you think of to attract a mouse. It works, but no more than other foods. All types of cheese are suitable.

Consider other foods

  • Peanut butter is recommend by professionals, it is bait that strongly attracts mice.
  • Bacon and sausage are also recommend by professionals and work well.
  • Use fruits such as apples, grapes, nuts, pumpkin seeds…
  • Finally, consider chocolate or even chocolate spread: mice love it as much as you do!

Solution 2: Lure a mouse with commercial toxic bait

This time it is baits to be purchase commercially, compose of food impregnated with a rodenticide product. Today, the products used are:

  • anticoagulants, which cause fatal bleeding at the slightest injury;
  • Or products causing hypothermia fatal to mice within minutes of ingestion.
  • These toxic baits come in different forms: in blocks, in paste or in granules with the addition of attractive bait for rodents.
  • Place the blocks, the bags of dough (without opening them) or small piles of granules where the mice pass, every 3-4 meters.
  • Place them preferably under a tile or in some hiding place, so that the mouse feels safe to come and nibble.
  • Check the baits regularly and renew them if necessary until no more mice come to eat them.