March 4, 2024
foot massager

Getting a massage is a moment of great relaxation in addition to being very beneficial for your health. Unfortunately, it is often necessary to resort to someone, a professional most of the time to do it. However, a foot massager provides you with just as much well-being, but while making you less dependent.

The health benefits of foot massage

Our feet are often neglected. We often forget to give them a little care. Yet the nerves in the feet are connected to many parts of your body. Thus, the massage of the feet makes it possible to stimulate several organs of the body. It allows having:

  • reduction and control of stress,
  • better quality of sleep,
  • stimulation of the reproductive organs,
  • Better digestion and improved blood circulation.

The list is quite long.

Foot massagers: the criteria for choosing

With a multitude of offers, it can be difficult to know which device to buy. It is important to take into consideration points such as: autonomy, type of massage, size. Find our selection here to make it easier for you.

Autonomy: manual or automatic

The major advantage of manual foot massagers is their cost. The downside is that they work by hand. You can’t really be reading a newspaper or answering an email while massaging your feet.

Automatic foot massagers run on electricity and do not have batteries. They have a motor which, through vibrations and/or oscillations, performs the massage.

The type of massage

Foot massagers offer a number of choices. You must know your needs and make your desires speak. For a gentle massage combining efficiency and softness and not very deep, it is better to take a vibration device. For a deeper massage with practices inspired by Japanese traditions, opt for Shiatsu -type devices.

 The size

You must be comfortable when you put your feet in the machine for a massage: no pain, no feeling of congestion. Your device must therefore be easily transportable. For those who want to enjoy moments of relaxation in the office, a model with reduced measurements is more suitable.

A foot massager, for whom?

Investing in a massage device is making a very profitable investment: level of well-being, level of economy. It may turn out to be less expensive than the subscription you took out at a wellness institute, with the advantage of offering you moments of relaxation at all times. You can indeed use your mobile massager at home, at the office, during the break, between two appointments, night and day.

It is important to know that the foot massager can be dangerous in certain situations. Thus, the use of massagers is formally discouraged in the following cases: fracture , sprain , pregnant women (the first 3 months), people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, serious illnesses (diabetes, cancer).