September 22, 2023
suspenders for men

suspenders for men are clothing accessories that add the finishing touch to any style (modern or classic). Making the best choices when it comes to suspenders is key to mirroring an ideal look. Discover through this article, our tips for the best choice of your suspenders whether it is Hercules, Paul Smith and other well-known brands.

Take into account the morphology to make a choice of strap

For a better choice of braces, the morphology is an essential criterion to take into account. As for the straps, there are 3 different sizes. These are extra-thin (1.8 cm wide), thin (2.5 cm wide) and wide (3.5 cm) straps.

To refine their silhouette, wide straps or Y-shaped straps are recommended for people with a strong morphology and belly. These suspenders are also suitable for muscular men. Thin men are advised to opt for the extra-thin and extra-thick straps. As for the thin straps, they adapt to men with little muscle and without a belly.

Choose a good color

Suspenders are a comfortable and chic accessory that goes naturally with suits. However, the color is not an aspect to be neglected in the choice of suspenders.

Lovers of elegance and charm can choose moiré white or gray suspenders which will be a little discreet on a white shirt. For a sober appearance, simple black suspenders or with small patterns are recommended. Besides this range of colors, colored suspenders (red, fuchsia pink, green, etc.) are perfect on a white shirt for a less strict effect. It basically depends on the chosen style.

Choose brand suspenders

Brand suspenders (Hercules, Paul Smith,) are essential accessories for a modern gentleman. It is also necessary to choose branded suspenders for a very modern and more relaxed look. The quality of the suspenders guarantees well-being and comfort. Modern men very often opt for high-end suspenders. They thus favor a distinction in the attitude of the person who wears them as well as an ease of maintenance.

By turning to the big brands, you are sure not to go wrong in choosing your suspenders.

How to choose suspenders for men?

If you want to buy some pretty suspenders for men, you can go to the site . Suspenders are accessories that are becoming fashionable again. Hundreds of thousands of them are sold each year in France. By putting on suspenders, you can have an elegant look. You can wear suspenders on a daily basis or choose to use them for a special event. By going to our partner’s website, you can order models that have been entirely handcrafted with great care. You will therefore be able to benefit from ancestral know-how.

Before buying suspenders, you must check that they correspond to your morphology. You can then order the straps that have the patterns and colors you prefer. There are a large number of suspenders, such as button suspenders, special suspenders, plus size suspenders… You will therefore be able to find the suspenders that will suit you without any problem. The suspenders will give a chic dimension to your look. Every man should have at least a pair of suspenders in his wardrobe. By wearing suspenders, you will have a very attractive retro chic look. You will find on the website unique suspenders with great refinement.

Women, too, can wear suspenders. To wear this accessory properly, you need to know your strap size and take your body type into account. Depending on your style, rather dandy, dressy, rock, you will find the ideal suspenders that will adapt to the rest of your look. You should know that there are three types of size for suspenders: extra-thin suspenders, thin suspenders and wide suspenders. If you have a stomach, be aware that the use of suspenders can allow you to refine your silhouette. By opting for wide straps, you can add versatility and height to your silhouette.