September 28, 2023
thrill seekers

Looking for an original gift for Christmas? Forget red-patterned ties, handbags that cost a fortune and trinkets that go to waste as soon as they leave the box. It’s time to offer something surprising. That’s the case with these three thrill seekers activities.

If the person is a fan of it, they will be delighted because they will be in their element. If she is not, so much the better, because she will live a unique experience that she will not soon forget. These 3 disciplines are of course aimed at both men and women.

The bungee jumping

Jumping into the void from an overpass or a bridge with the impression of crashing down, there is nothing like getting an adrenaline rush. It is the elastic attached to the ankle or the torso which constitutes the key element of bungee jumping. It is both safety for the jumper but also the element that makes him oscillate up and down after the free fall.


Flying is the ultimate dream of many human beings. Paragliding provides the feeling of freedom. Evolving majestically above the picturesque landscapes provides, during the flight, the feeling of being master of the world. In addition, piloting a paraglide has the same effects as practicing a mechanical sport.

The parachute jump

Tandem jumping is skydiving with an experienced instructor. More than 50 seconds of free fall that will keep the jumper in suspense. There is no other way to experience the sensation of free fall and to see the immensity of the earth than to do it by parachute. Afterwards, it will be the soft landing with his Para.