April 10, 2024
burgundy color

The burgundy color is a rather captivating color because it is deep, with deep reflections. As it is quite dark, it is suitable for most of us without damaging our hair a lot! I’ll tell you about it in more detail.

Burgundy hair: what color exactly?

The burgundy color is an elegant red coloring with strong mahogany undertones. Rather than a sharp red, you will get a color in brown and red, very pretty!

I find it a good way to start the red coloring with a warm shade that’s not too atypical. As it is easy to wear, it’s a good start to avoid getting stuck in relation to your morphology (eye color, complexion, etc.)!

In terms of shades, some burgundy tends towards plum red, purple, but also towards auburn. So pigments pink, copper, or purplish. Personally, every time someone talks to me about the color burgundy, it makes me think of the great wines of Bordeaux!

In any case, it’s a warm color that can warm up your complexions, and will go well with both pale and dark skin tones. Light skin will be even more enhanced, with this dark red which must be very shiny to be sublimated. Personally, I also find it amazing on matte, mixed-race, black skin!

How to get burgundy hair?

Dark burgundy hair is not that hard to achieve for most bases, as both chestnut and brown bases are suitable for this hair color. You will therefore not necessarily need to go through a discoloration to color your hair in burgundy.

On really dark hair (brown or black), if you really want it to show off and not just burgundy undertones in your hair, I still recommend bleaching. The color will appear brighter, and the pigments will stay on longer.

Burgundy red coloring products

Here are some examples of products to make your Bordeaux yourself:

Burgundy hair color from Crazy Color

Crazy Color’s burgundy is quite lively, it tends towards red. The color holds well over time and applies fairly quickly. To apply this color, take care to have a fairly dark base anyway; otherwise the color will turn pink!

Put a greasy substance in your neck and on the contours of your hair so as not to dye your skin red.

If you want a very particular shade (more or less dark, or red, or pink), nothing prevents you from making your own mixture.

Colorista Bordeaux temporary hair color x3

Colorista burgundy is a temporary dye that leaves in a few shampoos. For the result to be clearly visible on my hair, I left it on for 20 minutes.

I bought a kit of 3 colorings so that it lasts me a little! As I really wanted to preserve my hair, I opted for the temporary rather than a permanent color.

Maintenance of a burgundy color over time

How long does the burgundy red color last?

Paradoxically, red colors do not generally last long, but they also last! Let me explain: the red pigments last over time and are very persistent. This is also why I often have readers who ask me how to remove their copper or red reflections!

However, it fades quickly: the liveliness of the red – or its depth in the case of Bordeaux – will tend to be less intense fairly quickly. After a few washes.

You will also observe it like me in your shower, when a red trail will flow in your bathtub when you wash your hair! So if the first shampoos bleed a lot, it’s normal, don’t worry.

Finally, I would say that depending on the coloring technique you choose (tone on tone, permanent, semi-permanent, etc.), the color will stay longer or shorter.

How do I take care of my burgundy red hair?

To avoid these effects, I already apply some rules to keep my color longer (this is valid for all colors): you will find them in this article.

Then, I apply special red hair repigmenting treatments (in particular that of Mulato), in order to revive the radiance of my Bordeaux. I don’t necessarily apply it every wash, but once in a while, or several times in a row when I see that the burgundy loses its intensity.