March 3, 2024
electric toothbrush charger

This may seem like a trivial question, yet it is quite recurrent and therefore requires some explanation. Although the feeding process is relatively simple , certain measures must be applied, in order to ensure a complete result and to allow you to use it for your oral health .

You don’t know how to fill the battery of your electric brush with electric toothbrush charger ? Want to know how long the operation will take? Your device is no longer charging and you are afraid of having to change it?

This article will explain how to charge an electric toothbrush according to its power mode. You will also discover the problems related to it, in order to be able to remedy them.

How to charge your electric toothbrush?

Depending on how your brush is powered, you will not use the same recharging process.

Battery charging on base

The majority of electric toothbrushes, whether sonic or oscillating-rotating, have a charging base for their battery plugged into the mains. It always ensures that the device is held vertically .

This base can take several forms, including:

  • a block offering a space dedicated to the brush, accompanied by a storage compartment for the brushes;
  • a generally circular tray of small size allowing it to easily find a place on the sink, which will only accommodate the brush;
  • an ergonomic magnetic support, offering the choice between positioning on the washbasin or on the bathroom wall;
  • an aesthetic glass to be placed on a powered base to give the illusion of a usual toothbrush glass.

USB cable charging

Some models are destined to be recharged using a USB cable , which is very practical when you are on the move a lot, as it is less cumbersome than the wired system that plugs into the mains.

The electric toothbrush can then fill up with energy by connecting to a computer or a backup battery, generally used for mobile phones. However, you will still be able to connect it to the mains if necessary, using an adapter.

Carrying cases are directly connectable via USB. Your brush, placed in its protective case, will then be fill in complete safety. This system is particularly valuable when traveling.

Battery operated toothbrushes

Equipment with batteries can only be power by replacing them, unless you have a rechargeable battery device, in which case you won’t have to throw them away.

The change is quick and easy. The location provide to accommodate the batteries is protect by a cover that you will need to unclip in order to introduce the new ones, taking care not to take the wrong direction. Once the operation is complete, your toothbrush will be usable instantly.

How long to charge a toothbrush?

Recharging an electric toothbrush, if it is rarely very fast, can however sometimes be very long.

The charging time of an electric toothbrush charger

It is very variable and will depend on the quality of the battery with which your electric toothbrush charger will be equipped. Full charge times can range from a few hours to an entire day.

It is therefore important to be well inform before your purchase. Our comparison of the best products will help you see more clearly.

If your device is a little slow to charge, make sure you have a spare classic toothbrush, in order to perform a brushing or two, to guarantee your oral hygiene without interrupting the process.

Note also that the charging time of your model will not necessarily be proportional to its autonomy. This type of device, equipped with many features such as an integrated timer or a pressure sensor, is energy-intensive.

In addition, the announce duration is calculate for a use of 4 minutes per day. If you regularly perform polishing, interdental cleaning or whitening treatments, it will be shorten.

Conditions for optimal loading

In order to best power your electric toothbrush, be sure to place the base on a flat surface , to prevent it from tipping over. Refrain from placing it on metal furniture that could interfere with charging.

Isolate the charging base by positioning it in an area clear of other objects. This will limit the clumsiness that could cause it to fall.

Finally, always check the support of the handle by the power supply device, making sure that the indicator diode lights up. If no lights come on, your brush is misplace and cannot fill properly.

What charging problems on an electric toothbrush?

When your brush no longer charges properly, it’s usually a sign that its battery is in trouble.

Electric toothbrush not charging

If you have left your device charging for the number of hours recommended by the user guide and it refuses to turn on, your battery has a problem.

The brands offer an after-sales service that you can benefit from for free. If your product is still under warranty, it will normally be possible to send it to the manufacturer to determine if it is repairable, in which case you will get your toothbrush back after a few weeks.

If the warranty has expired, you have two options. The first is to find a nearby repairer of electrical appliances of all kinds and entrust your object to him. The second is to buy a new brush .

This may be the opportunity to invest in a more efficient model to improve your dental hygiene, such as a connected toothbrush, and to target a sonic technology adapted to your gum problems or rotary to eliminate dental plaque.

Limited autonomy of an electric toothbrush

Another common problem with electrical devices equipped with rechargeable batteries, such as mobile phones, is the obvious observation of a reduction in autonomy over the long term .

Unfortunately, this is a recurring concern, linked to the battery itself which eventually wears out over time, but not only.

If it is advisable to wait until the object is completely drain of all energy before recharging it, it is not without reason. This recommendation is based on a reality, showing that by acting in this way, the battery is viable much longer.

You now know perfectly how to recharge an electric toothbrush charger in good conditions and according to the type of power supply it has. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to consult the FAQ on this site. We have taken care to write it, as well as all the content, by seeking reliable data from influential players in the oral hygiene sector, such as the UFSBD, Oral-B or Social Security.