September 25, 2023
electric toothbrush heads

When using an electric toothbrush, many bacteria build up in the bristles over time. If it is essential to clean it regularly with hot water, it is also important to replace the head periodically. By regularly replacing electric toothbrush heads, you guarantee the effectiveness of the tool, but above all its good hygiene.

What are the signs that tell you that the head needs to be replaced?

There are a few visible signs on your brush to let you know it’s time to replace it. Indeed, the shape of the hairs is the first criterion to consider. If this shape is no longer what it was when purchased, if the bristles no longer appear straight, or are even crushed, frayed or worn, the head must be replaced.

Certain situations can also explain a change in the head of your electric toothbrush. First of all, it is essential to replace it if your toothbrush has fallen to the ground: an incalculable number of bacteria is on the ground and could become embedded in your brush head. In the same logic, it is important to replace the head if the brush has been used by another person.

Finally, you must change your toothbrush after being sick, because the germs of the disease could have settled on the brush head. After a trip, and more particularly when the brush head has been transported in your luggage, it is strongly recommended to replace it.

Why should it be replaced regularly?

The toothbrush, electric or traditional, is one of the most frequently used everyday objects, several times a day. Over time, the bristles wear out and lose their effectiveness. The initial shape of the bristles and the brush head is no longer what it was when purchased: it is then important to replace the brush head with a new one.

If it is essential to replace the head regularly, approximately every three months, it is because a large number of bacteria and germs, initially found inside your mouth, have deposited on the hairs of the brush. Even if they are not visible to the naked eye, bacteria accumulate in the hairs and reduce the effectiveness of brushing.

In addition, the bathroom is a humid room which favors the development of these bacteria. When the toothbrush is used again, the bacteria can come back into your mouth. Certain bacteria can be responsible for several diseases that can be avoided if the head of your brush head is changed when necessary.

How often should it be changed?

Professionals generally recommend changing the toothbrush head every three months or so. The lifespan of an electric toothbrush is, in fact, estimated at 3 months on average: it must therefore be replaced approximately four times a year.

Indeed, after three months, in normal use, the bristles of the brush are worn and it is then less effective in removing dental plaque. This lifespan is also explained by a lower efficiency. After a few months of use, your teeth are less smooth since the electric toothbrush is less effective . To maintain some efficiency, let your brush head air dry.

Some external reasons can explain a change of electric toothbrush heads. If you have been sick, for example, be sure to replace the head of your electric toothbrush so as not to retain the germs deposited on it. It is also possible that a deposit forms on the bristles of the brush head, it is then time to change it.

There are several signs that indicate the need to replace your toothbrush head. The latter must be change regularly to benefit from optimal brushing. If there is an average lifespan for your electric toothbrush, there are some reasons that may support changing it sooner.