April 16, 2024
blazer jacket

The blazer jacket is an essential part of our wardrobe: always elegant, never vulgar, it is the ideal ally to grab in the morning without thinking too much. The only problem is that we often ask questions about what we can wear underneath.

90% of the time, we all end up wearing it with a classic white shirt or a basic black or nude top.

To “pimp up” the wearing of the blazer a little and sign new unique and trendy looks, here are some ideas of pieces to wear underneath!

1#: a turtleneck

What to put under his blazer jacket, if not a turtleneck  ? A form-fitting and form-fitting model is perfect to wear under a jacket. The combinations are endless: playing with prints and colors is essential, but for a touch of extreme elegance, opt for  tone on tone . The turtleneck is an ideal alternative to what to wear under a black suit instead of a white shirt.

2#: a bra

Are you looking for something a little sexier? Exit the white shirt, dare the bra! More than just an undergarment, it is indeed a winning combination with the blazer. For an evening or a special occasion, we put on a lace or leather bralette. The perfect gear to be sexy & chic, day and night.

3#: a midi dress

Contrary to popular belief, the blazer is not only worn with pants or jeans! To match it in a less boring way than usual, you can also flaunt it over the midi dress. The trendiest combo in the field of street style? The oversized leather blazer and the plain or printed midi dress.

4#: a hoodie

This is a combo that has invaded the most stylish streets around the world in recent years. Since urban chic and sportswear chic looks are more fashionable than ever, wearing a hoodie under a blazer jacket is a must.

A way to show that we want to be relaxed without forgetting our elegance as always. To do this, we obviously opt for an oversized black blazer and slip on a hoodie… with leggings and sneakers to complete the look.

5#: … nothing!

When you don’t know what to wear under a blazer jacket… you might as well not wear anything! The latest trend requires making the blazer THE centerpiece of your look and therefore wearing it without anything underneath to transform it into a dress.

We bet on an oversized model that we wear closed of course, with a belt at the waist and a maxi necklace to bring even more cachet to the outfit.