September 25, 2023
civil wedding dress

Finding a wedding dress is never easy. If we have to think of an outfit for the evening of the festivities, we also have to think of a different outfit for the civil wedding dress, if our budget allows it of course!

If the ceremony at the Church is synonymous with a big white dress, the wedding at the town hall has no constraints and the choices of outfit can therefore be more daring, free and modern.

To help you in this personal and important choice, we have selected some perfect wedding outfits for the civil ceremony… which will certainly not make you go unnoticed!

An elegant combination

The white jumpsuit is a perfect piece to make up a civil wedding outfit. If you want to wear a sumptuous dress in the evening and play the difference card when you arrive at the town hall, the jumpsuit represents the right compromise between elegance, comfort and rigor and is reminiscent in all respects of the classic wedding dress. To make a big impression, opt for a silk model with a well accentuated bell bottom effect on the legs, on a sweetheart neckline or on a bodice with bare shoulders.

A white slip dress

The advantage of the civil ceremony? The possibility of discovering a little more, especially if it takes place in summer! As minimalist as it is chic, the slip dress is suitable for civil weddings, provided that it is white, made of a pretty material such as silk or satin and accompanied by very elegant accessories, namely heeled sandals and refined jeweler.

The white trouser suit

The trouser suit has become a dressing essential and can now be worn for any occasion. To go to the office with sneakers or with pointed pumps to go out to eat in the evening as a couple.

What if wore it to get married at the town hall? In white version and accompanied by a pretty pair of matching pumps, the set can prove to be a very smart and very elegant choice. To avoid being confuse with the guests, it is insist that the suit should be white, ivory or cream.

A metallic dress

If you are get marriage in town, no one will be surprise to see you wearing a colorful civil wedding dress. But since it’s a civil wedding, you have to keep certain composure: our advice is to favor wedding dresses for a civil ceremony in a metallic shade such as gold, silver or rose gold.

These 3 colors are elegant and chic and are the ideal choice for an eccentric and princely civil wedding look, without overdoing it. If you are get marriage in the afternoon/evening, there is nothing more suitable!