September 25, 2023
mini kitchen

One of the consequences of mini floors and the shortage of square meters is that they are usually accompanied by mini kitchen.

I have known many flats or apartments with mini kitchens where you are last used to hiding behind a closet door or in a wardrobe that is wrong with a person.

The bad news is that mini kitchens will be a reality – it doesn’t look like the price will change in the big cities – but the good news is that we don’t have to give up design to have a mini kitchen.

However, the design must be subject to the space. In other words, you must prioritize the real needs and, based on these, improve the design.


The washer-dryer or the microwave oven will be your best asset to give up nothing. Also small appliances. You won’t have to wash plates and lunch cups if you choose a compact dishwasher. In addition, the plates and sinks in the kitchen are reducing their size to adapt to the new era.

But the most important thing is that analyzes what is essential for you and your family and ensure that even the smallest kitchen has holes.


Once you’ve decided what you need to incorporate into your kitchen, you need to think about the design. The size invites you to choose furniture that takes full advantage of the height of the ceiling.

If the kitchen is in view – better than hidden –, **use paneled furniture to hide appliances and give unity and aesthetics according to the rest of the house**.

It doesn’t have to be white, it can be a warm or gray color so you lose the cooking feeling and it blends in well with the rest of the house. Better to enhance its beauty than to hide it.