April 16, 2024
preppy style

Well known to young people thanks to pop culture, the preppy look has its origins in American universities. Polo, crests, blazers … The elements of the preppy style are very numerous and easy to appropriate. They are often representative of a certain social class but are much more popular today. The preppy male muse of our generation is obviously Chuck Bass , the mischievous character from Gossip Girl played by Ed Westwick . To adopt the trendiest look this season, follow these 3 preppy style lessons to the letter!

1. Preppy is a state of mind

Invented by the ruling classes, the preppy look doesn’t just stop at clothes, it’s a real state of mind. Elegance, conformism, education, good manners… Those who follow the preppy look are true models of good conduct (or at least they give the impression of it). On the program: not a hair sticking out, not a scruffy shirt tail and not a scratch on your patent leather derbies!

The preppy style finds its birth in the upper castes of American Ivy League universities . This is why today, the modern preppy is so close to the college style, a bit more relaxed.

2. Ralph Lauren, the flagship brand of the Preppy Boys

If you want to adopt the preppy look , we advise you to immediately leaf through the Ralph Lauren men’s catalog. The brand has become a veritable showcase for style with its recognizable BCBG pieces . Of course, there are others like Tommy Hilfiger or Gant. In these top-of-the-range brands we draw timeless pieces such as blazers or polo shirts . Finally, remember that your clothes have to tell a story, to be part of the walls of Harvard or Yale , to look worn and not perfectly spotless.

3. Preppy wardrobe essentials

Do you have the attitude and the desire to invest in a wardrobe straight out of an American series? All you have to do is validate the following preppy essentials on your list:

  • The blazer jacket: we choose it rather fitted in a neutral color. On the pattern side, we will opt for tiles.
  • A fine sweater: choose it with a round or V-neck, with or without sleeves.
  • The cardigan: the essential to wear over a shirt. With a crest it’s even better.
  • A blue, white or salmon oxford shirt.
  • The pants: we choose either chinos or a set that matches our blazer jacket.
  • Moccasins: the most famous of the preppy style? Penny loafers!
  • A tie: that of the preppy boys is striped in the colors of their university.

To avoid looking disguised, we mix preppy pieces with more casual and sportswear elements. For example: the blazer jacket will also go very well with jeans and the chinos with sneakers rather than loafers.