September 25, 2023
anime girl

I was told that on my blog there were only guys, which is totally normal for me, so I decided, to fix it, to make a top 15 female anime girl characters that I appreciate. Of course in my general classification they should not arrive very high but I like them all the same. So make way for the girls!

In n°15: we have Mirai Kuriyama, the heroine of Kyoukai no Kanata whom I love for her cuteness, her awkwardness and her end. And then when she gets down to it she’s a pretty good fighter.

In 14th: we have Tsukumo de  Karneval  whom I only love for her beauty I admit. She is not very strong but has beautiful feelings, is too cute with Nai but above all she is beautiful! If I was attracted to girls that would be totally my type!

In 13th: Kido Tsubomi, character of Mekaku City Actors.  I like her tsundere side, her clumsiness, her intelligence, her look, and the fact that despite her weaknesses she knows how to keep a cool head. If I met her in person I would love to tease her ^^.

N° 12: Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter, master for a time of Gon and Killua (the heroes) she is super strong (don’t be fooled by her appearance), funny and above all, she is one of the best representations of the fangirl! Her reaction to Hisoka bathing naked made her one of my accomplices!

N°11: Gou Matsuoka from Free, I also like her for her fangirl side, I find her funny and cute. And then it’s Rin’s little sister! And he’s a good coach. So my sister-in-law!

No. 10: Sakura Chiyo, heroine of Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun, this little one is to die for! I support her 100% in her desire to be in a relationship with Nozaki! She’s also cute and goofy (I think I actually like cute and goofy a lot). I think she puts this little girl in a good mood. Bonus mention because she managed to please me even though her name is Sakura and she has pink hair, normally an eliminatory criterion.

 N°9: Kiyoko Sakura from Mahou shojo madoka magica , this girl is cool, strong, eats all the time, frankly I like her a lot (it’s also my favorite character in the anime). My only regret is the fact that she sympathizes with the girl I hate the most in anime.

N°8: Minako Aino aka Sailor Venus (or even Sailor V) from Sailor Moon, because yes it’s THE anime that made me discover the world of manga and it’s one of my favorite characters from Sailor Moon. I love her charm, her class, and her role as warriors and her humor. Of course I like the 95 Sailor Venus and not the horrible new version of Sailor Moon!

#7: Riko Aida, from Kuroko no Basket, she’s a superb trainer; I love the passion she puts into getting the best out of Seirin! She has a strong character and knows what she wants, she always does her best. And I want her in a relationship with Hyouga, but that’s me. These cooking skills make me laugh too.

N°6: An Onoya from Relife, she is one of the worst gossips I have ever met. He was a direct crush, he’s a really funny character, I like him a lot. Except for when she sticks too much to Yoake, but that’s something else. ^^

Here we are in the top 5, and I continue with a character from  Relife  once again.

In n°5: Chizuru Hishiro, I find her absolutely adorable to always be next to the plate, adorable because she is too cute, adorable because she tries to change and that her efforts do not always bear fruit. I cracked up when I saw how cute she was, and then she’s pretty and everything she does is so cute! (for once I’m not fangirling on a guy ^^). She too would totally be my kind of girl. I think I like pretty cold beauties ^^.

In n°4: Anna Kushina from   K Project. That little one, I really like her and it’s not just because she’s the only girl in the anime that doesn’t have hot air balloons instead of boobs. In season 1 of K, although she is rather discreet, she is very observant and intelligent. She understands the members of Homra and thereafter she becomes a good red king. She is a good leader despite her young age.powerful in combat, I find her impressive. And then she is still physically adorable. Her loli look is too cute, I approve!

In n°3: Shinoa Hiragi from Owari no Seraph.  I love his side “I’m annoying and I assume it completely”. His sadistic side and his way of annoying others are really great. I really like. He’s a really fun character in his character that enjoys getting other people in trouble. But at the same time I like the fact that she is also a good leader who takes responsibility. She’s a pretty good fighter; she’s a girl with some teeth. And then she also remains cute physically.

In No. 2: Alice from Pandora Hearts. A heroine full of character that I appreciate! Tsundere, always in good shape, with an ogre’s appetite, Alice is a ball of energy that deep down has a heart of gold. I really like his dog character and his gluttony. His personality not totally human too. She’s a really good girl.

And we arrive at number 1 in the ranking, I only know her recently and yet she rose to the top, a real crush I named Eruna Ichinomiya from Mikagura gakuen kumikyoku !

This little Eruna full of pep, inventiveness, perversity is just brilliant. She’s really funny, seeing her make movies, go into ecstasy, get depressed is always great, she’s the heroine who sends good humor and joy wherever she goes! I really like the delusions in which she embarks.

Voila voilou! They were my favorite female characters, like what I still like girls sometimes! But let’s not exaggerate; my fair-haired and beautiful kids of death will always be the first in my heart!!!