March 4, 2024
classic eyelash extensions

If there is one part of the face to take care of when applying make-up, it is the eyes. Well-worked Classic eyelash extensions immediately give a more alert, lively, awake and sensual look. The reason is simple: the eyes and everything around them structure the face. That’s why when you don’t wear makeup; you are often told that you look tired.

Usually reserved for stars, the Classic eyelash extension technique is gaining more and more followers. We met Maria Kulvja, one of the 3 founders of the now famous salon Les Cils de Marie. She tells us all about Classic eyelash extensions!What is the concept of Les Cils de Marie?

Our salons specialize in the look in general. We have created friendly places, with a boudoir atmosphere always located in a courtyard to favor calm and serenity. In addition to our services, we have become an eye care training organization. We started in 2015 with three people and today we are nine. In addition to extensions, we also practice dermopigmentation of eyebrows, liner and lips.

Les Cils de Marie does not benefit from a wide exposure; we prefer to work through word of mouth. And our clients like the confidential side of the salon. We welcome two types of people: In our salon in the Marais we mainly receive young women, influencers… In the 8th, our second salon, the clientele is older. These are women who come during the lunch break or after work.

What are Classic eyelash extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions allow above all to obtain longer , fuller and more curved eyelashes. To achieve them, we mainly use two products: the glue which is used to connect the natural Classic eyelash with the extension and the Classic eyelash extension itself. A classic Classic eyelash extension or Classic eyelash extension is done using two tweezers. The technician chooses the natural Classic eyelash on which she will apply the extension, she creates space around it and then applies the extension.

For the more spectacular Russian volume Classic eyelash extension, we work differently. A fan of eyelashes is directly applied to create a thicker fringe. At Les Cils de Marie, we make each fan by hand in our workshop. It is a very precise method that only experienced technicians can perform. The fan must be regular, light and last a long time. This is the true work of the artist!

How do you recognize a well-done extension?

Quality Classic eyelash extension is immediately seen when the work is clean and the glue is not visible. It is also important to place the artificial Classic eyelash on only one other natural Classic eyelash and not several in order to respect the growth cycle of each eyelash.

A good technician works quickly so as not to let the glue dry, but an installation session lasts approximately 1h30for the classic pose. For a Russian volume, count between 2 and 3 hours. Another factor to consider is the price. Our future customers often ask us why we charge high prices. I always tell them that it’s an eye treatment and it’s not the same as a manicure or hair removal. You are putting your eyes in the hands of someone who is going to work with pliers and strong chemicals! Picking the cheapest option could be dramatic.

How do I take care of my Classic eyelash extensions?

We provide you with a small brush in the form of a bottle brush to use morning and evening on your extensions to give them a shape and brush them, always gently. If you want to wear the extensions on a regular basis, that is to say, come back for a filling every month, we recommend a special shampoo for the eyelashes based on tea tree oil to clean impurities, traces of make-up, etc. … Above all, do not use oil on the extensions because it removes the glue. As it is forbidden to rub your eyelashes (especially with cotton), mascara is to be avoided during the time you wear your extensions. But honestly, you won’t need it.

Les Cils de Marie is a salon inspired by the “beauty of girls from the East”. What does that mean exactly?

Many innovations concerning the look come from Russia and also from Asia (one thinks in particular of South Korea). We are three designers from Estonia and our Classic eyelash extensions were a hit 15 years ago. It takes time for the market to follow all over the world, especially here where French women already have a clear idea of ​​what beauty means to them.

With Les Cils de Marie, we want to introduce this very aesthetic and very visual perception of beauty in Eastern countries, contrary to the cliché of the Parisian woman who wants natural beauty. In Russia we want something that shows. Moreover, the term “Russian volume” is a protected designation made in St Petersburg which represents ever longer, fuller and more curved Classic eyelash extensions.

Are Classic eyelash extensions for everyone?

In our salon we have very Parisian clients who want a natural but enhanced look. So they don’t wear makeup but have a more intense look thanks to the extensions. Classic eyelash extensions are also perfect for those looking for ease: they open up the eyes and you don’t need to wear anything else on your eyes. But we also observe that women who are very used to makeup and who feel that mascara is not enough find what they are looking for in extensions. Even with a classic extension, you get volume and curl that you can’t achieve with mascara.

How to take care of our eyelashes on a daily basis?

We often forget the eyelashes because we often think of the skin, the hair, the nails etc… You should know that the eyelashes grow every day and that they have a life cycle of 3 months. Their hygiene is extremely important. Make- up removal is crucial for maintaining healthy eyelashes. The skin of the eyelid is very fragile and we can be sure that wearing makeup all day can damage the pores and the hair follicle. So you have to remove make-up carefully. This means washing them without rubbing so as not to weaken the hairs but also the skin and create premature aging. Serum and castor oil cures can be done (excluding extensions) to boost growth.