September 25, 2023
inflatable pool

In families, the above-ground inflatable pool has proven itself and is unanimous! easy to install, it does not make you wait before having fun. But how do you find the model that perfectly meets your needs? The answer lies in the following criteria which will allow you to better make your choice.

The type

There are two types of above-ground inflatable pools: basic pools on which all the walls inflate, and self-supporting pools, which have only one inflatable tube and a flexible water bag. Depending on the characteristics you are looking for, you will choose one or the other.

That said, if you opt for a beautiful design and above ground pool, the basic model will better meet your needs. Indeed, it has a well-defined shape and will provide a nice touch to the decoration of your garden. In addition, it is ideal for use with children. This is because the inflated walls provide better stability to the device.

However, if you’re looking for a quick set-up, the self-stabilizing model works best, as there’s only one bladder to inflate. You will therefore save enough time in inflation, although it is still necessary to use a pool pump. In addition, this type of pool is more suitable for teenagers and adults, because you have to be careful not to lean too much on the walls to avoid spilling water.

The material of manufacture

It is recommended to check the quality of the material from which your best above ground inflatable pool is made. Most often, the liner or coating of the swimming pool is made of PVC. But the important point is to find the right thickness. Indeed, the thicker the material, the less you will face punctures.

Therefore, at Top Tech Avis, we recommend that you choose a very thick liner if you want a very large volume pool and you have to install it outside, on a surface with roughness. The ideal is even to choose a reinforced liner, made up of two layers of PVC, to offer you better stability and optimal resistance to tearing.

In addition, the models to be installed in the garden must imperatively have a reinforced bottom. This criterion is not necessarily required if you plan to place the above-ground inflatable pool indoors. This is usually the case with baby models or inflatable birthing basins.

The dimensions

There are above ground inflatable pools of all sizes on the market. Therefore, it is out of the question to make a choice in a hazardous way. Indeed, everything will depend on the first place that will host the device. Then the use intended for it.

Of course, from one user to another the needs will never be the same in terms of pool volume. An 80 cm above ground swimming pool is quite sufficient for a very small child, whereas a model of at least 2 meters should be provided for the joy of the older ones.

To know the width and length of the pool to choose, you must check the space where you plan to install it. Also, you must leave enough space all around to allow you to move around properly. For depth, opt for 20 cm for babies and toddlers. For adults on the other hand, it is necessary to turn to models from 1.25 m high to ensure its refreshment.


For an investment without regret, it is generally advisable to opt for equipment that will be with as much material as possible and that will be used for installation, dismantling and also for maintenance. Among the dedicated accessories, we have: the swimming pool pump, preferably electric, the above ground swimming pool filter.

This allows you to clean the pool without having to constantly change the water. For the most complete models, you will have much more practical and fun accessories. This is particularly the case for the headrest, the ladder, the repair kit, the water analysis kit, the brush for cleaning the liner and the landing net.

The price

The prices of such equipment are generally affordable; on the other hand, it is necessary to provide more budgets for maintenance. Thus, of all the important accessories for water treatment, there are: a special brush, a landing net, a pool vacuum cleaner, chlorine tablets, an electronic pH and chlorine tester, anti-foam products, etc. . . . It is also necessary to provide for the installation of a security system for young children.

How to maintain the best above ground inflatable pool 2022?

The maintenance of an inflatable above ground pool must be done regularly, because it needs care. The aim is to keep the pond water clean and to extend the life of the equipment. To do this, here are the best practices to adopt.

Water treatment

Swimming pool water should be checked regularly as bacteria and algae can grow quickly. Thus, without regular monitoring in good and due form, your pool will quickly become a real breeding ground. Do not hesitate to invest in a maintenance kit for inflatable pools.

It most often includes an anti-algae product, chlorine tablets, test strips, and others. These elements make it possible to treat effectively. In addition, it is essential to check beforehand the rate of disinfectants and the pH of the water. In the event of any imbalance, the values ​​must be immediately adjusted; all based on the maintenance instructions for the swimming pool.

Pool cleaning

It is recommended to clean the pool thoroughly to keep the water clean. For this, you will need cleaning accessories such as a landing net. This will allow you to remove insects, dead leaves and various other dirt. As for the walls, interstices and flanges, they should be cleaned using a brush suitable for the type of coating.

We also forget the pool vacuum cleaner, very suitable for removing dust from the walls. Between two swims, it is a good idea to completely cover the pool with a protective cover. Apart from its protective role, it limits the evaporation of water.

What are the benefits of having a 2022 above ground inflatable pool?

If nowadays the above ground inflatable pool is more and more in demand by the public, this means that users appreciate it for the many advantages it offers on a daily basis and during the summer seasons. Among these various advantages are:

Practicality in use

There is no doubt that the above-ground inflatable pool is positioned as one of the bathing equipment that offers great ease of use. Indeed, there is no need to call on professionals for the assembly, because there is no complex installation to be planned.

In addition, the pool is placed on the ground, inflates very easily and it is possible, using a pump, to empty easily and quickly. In addition, this equipment is not bulky in the garden, because it folds and stores immediately.

The diversity

In fact, there is something for everyone! Whether oval, rectangular, round, very large for adults, or small for children, for indoors or for the garden, colorful, sober or patterned, you will find what suits you.

For this, you only have to define the type of accessories you really need. This taking into account the space you have at home. We do not forget the necessary dimensions of the basin and also the style that interests you the most. A self-supporting pool style or inflatable walls? Up to you.

The price

Compared to other various types of pool, the price of an above ground inflatable model is very minimal. This is also one of its biggest advantages. Indeed, it is accessible to any budget. Note that its price varies according to the accessories that accompany it and the quality of its manufacturing material. The prices of this equipment vary between 30 and more than 200 Euros.